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Ideas One idea per thread please! :)

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(amxx) Addons to make podbot compatible with mods & more flexible
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Idea (amxx) Addons to make podbot compatible with mods & more flexible - 17-06-2010

This is just an idea:

..just like WeaponMod has addons which make WMod compatible to various other mods:


  1. i wonder if it's possible via external amxx plugins to make pb do things..
  2. probably you'd need to implement functions into pb code ..so that other ppl can code amxx plugins for the use of them*
  3. you'd (KWo) have to create the major pb addons and release them here & on amxx forums
  4. probably too big of a project

* funtions like:

  • bot_action (eg: bot_knifeattack, bot_jump, bot_attack1, ...)
if touching (ball.mdl, snowbal.mdl, etc..)

  • bot_move_to_origin / bot_move_to_waypoint_number
(bots will use waypoints to get to a specific origin. This will enable user desired bot navigation regardless of the map waypoint.)

  • bot_follow_user (nickname /admin)
(bots go to the waypointNr / origin where the targeted user is)
  • bot_emulate_user (nickname /admin)
(bots' emulate users' actions. variables: shooting, jumping, crouching)
  • bot_attack_only (nickname /admin /nonAdmin)
  • bot_circle (nickname /admin)
bots try to create a circle around specified user. (Protection wall). Like admins or users with low score.
  • bot_patrol (NumberOfBots,origin1,origin2)
bot patrols between 2 specified origins (e.g.: waypointNr@ bombspot1/bombsopt2)
Users could code amxx plugins for podbot and make the bots do various things (in CS or certain MODs). Like the whole pack follows you and shoots at the person that you are attacking. The bots (all teams) attack or don't attack a certain user if he joins your server

yada yada..



Another much smaller idea for an easy workaround for better compability:

one thing though that most mods seem to have in common is:

a gun(model) is assigned to slot3 (knife). Bots won't trigger knife attack unless close to enemy. So u could add a cvar to make bots knife attack from far away: pb_distance_knifing 1/0

In this case bots could use MOD guns (on slot3)

That's a fast yet incomprehensive & vague solution for better podbot compatibility to other mods.
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Re: (amxx) Addons to make podbot compatible with mods & more flexible
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Default Re: (amxx) Addons to make podbot compatible with mods & more flexible - 17-06-2010

If I'm doing something to get podbot mm to be AMX X compatible is just the popularity of the mod AMX X users are using on their servers. ATAC, CSDM, weapon restrictions (restmenu.sma), zombie mods - they are used on many servers. To make the bot playing the football I would need to implement all functions the bot on such games like FIFAxx has. That would need to make more than doubled code than pb mm currently includes...
About that slot 3 - I was never using any plugin like that.
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