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good job kwo
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Default good job kwo - 20-10-2008

I've been playing with v19 i think and i think the combat is really humanlike now. The way the bots shoot and react in firefights are lifelike, so good job KWo!

the area i'm looking for in improvements is for bots to stop looking in odd directions. Instead of focusing on small changes in maps (like cs_chemical) that few people play, why not focus on the big problems like the one I just said.

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Re: good job kwo
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Default Re: good job kwo - 01-11-2008

Because those small bugs are mostly not more than a miswritten/misplaced/missing letter/symbol.
So easy and fast to fix once it is localised!

And those big changes; making them more human-like ( I really don't like to use that term ) is more a combination of several coding issues and is in most cases not possible to give it a direct change ( there is no direct factor of making changes to make bots not look in odd directions, or is there? KWo? )

I'm not a coder in anything but I do understand that those big matters are the toughest to code/fix/adjust/...

I think it's time for people to also understand this and stop saying/pointing at the bot-coder all the time about not taking attention to the big problems.

It's good people report any notified bugs, but keeping slammin' about the same issue is a bit over the line.

I hope I don't make enemies with this post ( it surely isn't ment that way )

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Re: good job kwo
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Default Re: good job kwo - 05-08-2009

PodBot are excellent. Thanks for your efforts, guys!

My question is does PodBot v3 contain ASM code? Your bot so

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