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Ideas One idea per thread please! :)

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Time to update the doc files?
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Default Time to update the doc files? - 20-04-2004

as above...as i think new people who haven't been readin this place might get lost ....

i don't mind doing some but i'm not a html coder so mainly i'll be changing text n adding on text

but i'll need stuff from u guys

ps: is it okay to change it i think i saw a copyright somewhere?


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Re: Time to update the doc files?
>BKA< T Wrecks
Moderator [PBmm/Waypointing]& PODBot mm waypointer
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Default Re: Time to update the doc files? - 21-04-2004

You know what? This bot changes so quickly that I have almost lost track of all new features - it took me some time to get used to the new waypoint editor features, and I don't really feel I'm absolutely up to date.
Time to update the documentation... well, I have no time to update anything right now... it's all waypoints, waypoints, waypoints. As soon as the editor development has calmed down a little, I'll hopefully have time to collect all my dirty waypointing tricks and write a really neat waypointing tut. But that's nothing for the immediate future...

Actually, the html needed to make the documentation is not that sophisticated at all. If you grab a nice editor (not a monster like Dreamweaver, just your cozy little newbie editor) and a good tut like SelfHTML, you ought to have a fair chance...

Anyway, the first phase should maybe consist in asking:
1) What needs to be explained ?
2) How to structure it ? (one file, several files? interconnected or isolated ones ?)
3) Where to put it ? (which folder etc.)
4) How to format it ? (that's the point where the HTML stuff starts getting important...)

I'd suggest the following:
1) This bot ought to come with documentation on:
a) setup
b) the bot itself / FAQ / general info
c) console commands
d) server commands
e) using the WP editor (basic functions) [later, as soon as it has "settled"]
f) how to make good WPs [even later]

2) Maybe it's better to split the stuff into several files - we don't want to force people to read a novel when they only want to look up 2 or 3 console commands, now, do we?

3 - 4) doesn't matter as long as we haven't made up our mind on 1 and 2.

Just my 20 cents, as usual...

Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF // all my base, are belong to you.

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Re: Time to update the doc files?
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Default Re: Time to update the doc files? - 21-04-2004

but i dont think you can change count floyds how to waypoint thing

maybe if we ask him

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