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Suggestion about PODBot mm and other plugins / mods
>BKA< T Wrecks
Moderator [PBmm/Waypointing]& PODBot mm waypointer
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Default Suggestion about PODBot mm and other plugins / mods - 06-11-2004

I'm posting this here since it's not a bot-related, but a forum-related idea.

I have noticed that there are many questions about using PODBot to play with different mods or plugins. As we all know, it's impossible to make the bot easily compatible with all plugins, and even in case of those plugins that generally work well with PODBot, installation & setup are not necessarily a walk in the park.

That's why I wondered if it would be a good idea to post a locked and sticky thread only for the following things:
1) A list of plugins / mods / CS versions PODBot works well with. With "CS versions", I mean more 'exotic' versions like CS 1.3 via Steam etc.
2) Installation tutorials for some of the most popular plugins / mods like AMX(X), statsme, WC3, CSDM, etc. etc. This could come with information about the best versions to use (AMX or AMXX, Metamod or MetamodX) and maybe some d/l links.
3) A list of popular plugins PODBot is known NOT to work with (so far).

I mean, look at this thread:

If all the information from this thread could be put into a brief installation tutorial, wouldn't that be useful?

Opinions, please...

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Re: Suggestion about PODBot mm and other plugins / mods
Developer of PODBot mm
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Default Re: Suggestion about PODBot mm and other plugins / mods - 06-11-2004

I think it should be made a "sticky" thread in Common Questions forum with these links to topics where I've described how to get to work some plugins with podbot and what the problems the people can see with some plugins (some versions) and podbot. But since it's bots-united - maybe all I described there is valid for all CS bots as mm plugins - so maybe it should be written in another forum - "Metamod, AMX and third-party plugins". 9_9

Yes - this is an unique knowledge I have about some plugins and podbot I got them to work together, but I don't have right now so much time to describe all I know. I'll do this when the people will ask about some plugins and podbot (if my time will let me do this). I've tryied podbot_mm with Clanmod, StatsMe, AMX, AMXX and AMXMODX. Some plugins I re-wrote a bit to get them to correct work with podbot (ATAC, CSDM - both are amx-amxx-amxmodx small language plugins). But I made this because plugins developers don't care about get them to work with bots. I think they should care and they should get their plugins to normal work with bots and the people should rather ask about bot compatibility at forums dedicated those plugins, but this is my opinion only.
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