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The Agora This is the place to go if you have suggestions, or if you want to participate in Council discussions. Everyone is welcome!

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Default G'day - 23-10-2010

Hey Pals.
First of all, i'm from germany so if you don't understand something of my brabbeling, please let me know so i can ask google to translate proper (lil insider joke, i hope you all know what google can do and what not... Translating is on the "NOT" side^^)

I am developing AIs for nearly every part of virtual living. Beginning with WoW over to Filesharing and Social networks (all bots for private fun, nothing illegal at all^^)

Maybe some of you have a Iphone or a Ipod Touch. And maybe some of you are playing the Online Game "Bandit nation" (If 1. yes and 2. no, then go to the appstore and download it, its for free and lots of fun )
I developed a Bot for this game thats working with PHP over Xampp and Paros (Proxy server on your PC)

I'll explain what this bot does: He replaces via the Proxy server the GET data to send it to the php script thats running on Xampp. There are some actions done, like checking which page is being visited or checking if the bot can skip a page to make playing smoothier

What it actually CAN do:
-Master Full missions in 1-Click
-Buy needed Items
-Recover Henchmen with Ally Points automatically
-Skip boss fights completely (haha boss fight is via flash or something - Easy to manipulate)
-Scan many Users
-Send those scanned users a "wink" to get lots of ally points
-Calculate in PvP fights how many henchmen need to be sended and does the whole fight in 1 click
-Cache that allowes to load many pages at once to increase page loading

What is planned:
-Handle some options via the device (like enable scanning for users and the "wink users" option)
-find some exploits (maybe other coders could offer their help to me)
-fully automated PvP (by now, you have to choose your opponents on your own)
-fully automated Missions (by now you have to start the mission on your own -.-)
-a intelligent all-in-one handler. If there is no mission to handle and no bossfight and no pvp action, it will change to wink/scan mode.
-lots of great stuff xD

Okay, thats it. I hope some of you are interested in my work and help me developing.
Greetings from germany
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Re: G'day
The Storm
Council Member / E[POD]bot developer
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Default Re: G'day - 23-10-2010

Hi m00str,

Unfortunately this site/forum is interested only in hosting/supporting/promoting server-side bots, i.e. bots that play against or with you instead of real players. Only the server host is the one that can add bots.

Before years such bots were used primary on local servers to get the people with low and limited internet bandwidth to play without to use their internet connection.
Now these bots are used primary for clan training or just for filling empty servers in order to attract real players to join and fill the server.

I hope I expained well enough why your bot is not welcome here, sorry.
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Re: G'day
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Default Re: G'day - 23-10-2010

Oh i should stop trusting google for the right search results
Luckily i didn't post dowwnload links
Sry for the misstake

Okay, see ya.
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bandit nation, bot, iphone, php, proxy

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