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Counter Strike Source real bots!?!
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Default Counter Strike Source real bots!?! - 02-10-2013

Hello all....

So i'm looking for some kind of third party bot plugin or addon. I have a windows dedicated lan gun game server. And I want to be able to have human like bots. I know i know (why don't you play on online servers)... No. I hate playing online with people because I'm fucking sick of hackers. Or being called one when I don't even hack.

I know this is possible because when I used to play Condition Zero online. There were bots that would sneak up on you if possible and knife your ass. They didn't bunch up and roam around like a damn posse either. And don't get bullshit head shots from clear across the map when you are not even seconds visible in a door or window.. That is some hacker shit for sure.

I stumbled upon this site, and downloaded the realbot plugin in hopes to find what I mentioned above.. followed the file structure given in the install text doc.. but there is no 'plugins.ini' in the metamod folder. And being that there isn't one.. would i just create one and add the 'win32 ../realbot/dll/realbot_mm.dll' code and call it a day? Or is there some backend work to call that file so it is executed?

As of right now i just added that string to 'metaplugins.ini' in ..\addons\metamod. Is that acceptable or do I need to create the mentioned plugins file?

I downloaded the 'RealBot BUILD 3063 - Release 18-08-07'.
Not really even sure if thats even for source.... heeeeeelp. hahah.
I have never used metamod before but from what I have read it looks like that string is wrong.

; RealBot

isn't that what it would look like?

Anyways.. if there even is a CS:S bot plugin, could someone please help me with installing and where I can find such awesomeness

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Re: Counter Strike Source real bots!?!
The Storm
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Default Re: Counter Strike Source real bots!?! - 03-10-2013

Sorry to disappoint you but there is no playable 3rd party bot for Counter-Strike: Source. You will have to satisfy with the official integrated bots.
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Re: Counter Strike Source real bots!?!
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Default Re: Counter Strike Source real bots!?! - 12-10-2013

Well may be we could ask Cheeseh author of rcbot and rcbot2 to add CSS support on his awesome bot already that supports hl2dm, tf2 and dods.
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