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Half-Life 2, Source and Source Games Discuss about Valve's new FPS game and its mods here Half-Life 2

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Re: CS:S is terrible
John Connor
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Default Re: CS:S is terrible - 02-11-2005

Originally Posted by MarD

Now, to fix the hitboxes from running 3 feet infront of the player model, type this in the console:

cl_interp 0.0
cl_interpolate 0

this is another stupid console thing valve should've did better.
That would be the ideal fix...

Except that Valve limits the cl_interpolate to 0.01.

This the cause for the 110ms bug that is causing the game (server) look back this far when it should only look back 0.1 of a second. This is the number one reason why the hitboxes still aren't in synch with the models and a player's current position.

It's ironic that Valve pours millions into R&D for the Source Engine... But then has a major, game-stopping bug (a lot of players have stopped playing CS:S because they know it is a major bug) they haven't addressed yet and probably never will because it would be like admitting they made a huge mistake to other game companies and their fans as well.
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Re: CS:S is terrible
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Default Re: CS:S is terrible - 02-11-2005


It's not just ideal man, try it. You don't even need to do the cl_interp part, just the cl_interpolate 0 that disables client side player model interpolation, which pretty much means letting the hitbox run ahead of the playermodel to allow smooth flowing animations at any pingrates unless they suffer of hideous lag. I've been able to play fine on servers with pings of 130... but after the large usage of hacks I only play with the cpu-hog cssbots... which's ghey, so I really just barely play CSS, maybe to pass a few minutes tops, lol.

Later-a-much, and LONG LIVE THE D!,
(Link>>>MarD's Moddin' Site<<<Link) MarD

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Re: CS:S is terrible
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Default Re: CS:S is terrible - 02-11-2005

cl_interp 0 sets it to automatic 1/updaterate, I think.
I think they brought that over from cs and hl. I need to check, but to be honest on a 33tick server leave your interp to default, changing it means you will have to get used the expolating that occurs (i think).

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