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The Agora This is the place to go if you have suggestions, or if you want to participate in Council discussions. Everyone is welcome!

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Taking a Pause
Pierre-Marie Baty
Roi de France
Pierre-Marie Baty's Avatar
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: 4643'60N 043'0W 0.187A
Default Taking a Pause - 22-01-2006

Straight to the point.

I haven't been visiting the forums for weeks now. (2 or 3). I really can't tell when I can visit you again. I haven't coded anything games related for weeks too. The reason is that I've founded a firm with 2 relatives. A lot of things need to be done, and right now I have no time to spend at Bots United, no time at all, not even to continue my own projects

Right now I'm chasing several rabbits at once. I need to put things aside and focus on what makes me earn my living, else everything will go wrong.

I give up my role of president. It would be ridiculous for me to continue to hold such a title. Same thing for my council membership. You gotta find someone else to deal with the server, the site, the forum, the wiki and the bot authors. I'm sure several persons would be interested to take a more active role in our association.

I hope that during the time I was in post I haven't done too bad of a work. Anyway, things need to move on. I wish you good luck, guys. If all goes well perhaps around Eastern I will have some time to come back and finish my projects. I'm missing that.

PMB, signing off for some time.

RACC home - Bots-United: beer, babies & bots (especially the latter)
"Learn to think by yourself, else others will do it for you."
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Re: Taking a Pause
Developer of PODBot mm
KWo's Avatar
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Posts: 3,425
Join Date: Apr 2004
Default Re: Taking a Pause - 23-01-2006

Well - I don't think here we have couple of the people they are able to replace You in admining "the server, the site, the forum, the wiki and the bot authors". If we have to take Your abdication/demission - we need to find someone having such knowledge as You have (and to make it 100% it's impossible at all). Maybe You can propose someone?

If we have to vote for the new Council and the President we need some candidates. If someone feels as having "qualify" to be a Council (and maybe the President) - write us here Your-own proposal. Then we will vote for the new council - then Councils will vote for the new President.
But because it may take too much time - I suggest to replace first the president (since Pierre is unable to do anything right now). I suggest Nova should take this stuff temporary (or maybe for longer time) - as the most active Council currently.

BTW - big thanks, Pierre, for everything You made here for the people and we are hoping You will be able to go back to support us soon again.
For now - good luck in Your private life.
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Re: Taking a Pause
Maleficus's Avatar
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Posts: 1,054
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Planet Earth
Default Re: Taking a Pause - 23-01-2006

Good luck m8.

Dum Spiro Spero

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Re: Taking a Pause
von Ryan
Yeah, right.
von Ryan's Avatar
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Posts: 848
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Default Re: Taking a Pause - 23-01-2006

Oh noes! Without PMB, to anarchy we are doomed! [/YODA]

Well, I suggest that we take the 2nd most voted candidate from the last election (was it Nova? I don't remember).

Anyway, good luck with that firm of yours, PMB! And never forget your pals from B-U!

von Ryan, pwning Combine Dropships since 2005
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Re: Taking a Pause
Council Member
Rick's Avatar
Status: Offline
Posts: 690
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Holland
Default Re: Taking a Pause - 24-01-2006

Hey, sad to see you go....
Good luck with your new firm, hope to see you back asap
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Re: Taking a Pause
MarD's Avatar
Status: Offline
Posts: 1,184
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Canada.. EH!?
Default Re: Taking a Pause - 31-01-2006


Well PMB, you're a good man, and i'm sure that firm will pwn once it's up n' going. I wish you luck, and hope thing's go great, and once successful, come back n' tell us how filthy rich you are.

Later-a-much, and LONG LIVE THE D!,
(Link>>>MarD's Moddin' Site<<<Link) MarD

Rock Hound. (<Link)
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Re: Taking a Pause
Council Member, Author of JoeBOT
@$3.1415rin's Avatar
Status: Offline
Posts: 1,381
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Germany
Default Re: Taking a Pause - 31-01-2006

well, good luck with your new occupation, I hope to see you back here soon. i'm not that often here that I used to be, but hey, university sounds more important to me

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