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HLČ Engine Mapping Maps for the Half-Life 2 (Source) engine Half-Life 2

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Re: HL2DM Mapping Contest!
dead bwoy
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Default Re: HL2DM Mapping Contest! - 11-12-2004

Originally Posted by Zacker
Now, spawns were created with info_player_deathmatch by the mapper.

Spawns both were and are placed by the mapper using info_player_deathmatch.
Confirms my suspicion... Turns out, the HL2DM.fgd was not yet out at the time of posting.
Originally Posted by biohazerd87
when does the mapping contest end anyways...
Maps must be in by January 15th...
Originally Posted by biohazerd87
lol you know why they are having a mapping contest.. .cause Valve is lazy and they don't wanna make maps for HL2DM so if they give money away they know people will make lots of HIGH quality maps... at least thats IMO
I believe you're right! However, lazy? I just think they're too busy with DOD:Source and finishing CS:Source. VALVe has announced that they have been working on a couple new maps which do take quite a bit of time. I think they're due for release this month. A christmas present from VALVe...? Hell, who couldn't use $5000? Question is, will I finish in time? Hmmmmm.... doubtfull... we'll see. It would go much quicker with a few people on a team, but the more people involved, the less prize money for each team-mate, however it would probably be more likely to win...

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Re: HL2DM Mapping Contest!
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Default Re: HL2DM Mapping Contest! - 12-12-2004

I know what should be remade for HL2DM. The Edge from Quake 2. You would make it with a combinish atmosphere.

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