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FoxBot 0.79 released!
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Default FoxBot 0.79 released! - 27-05-2017

Well it appears that Omni-Bot and (RedFox, already 12 years ago) - are no longer supporting FoxBot for TFC anymore since Zybby left Omni-Bot in 2010 and left some unfinished problems.

So far I think I've managed to work out the major kinks but I am not sure on fixing some unsolved problems: like the Bot Behaviour from the new bot_think_job.cpp file introduced in version 0.76; and the bot_team_balance cvar.

What it is that the priority factor for the bot_think_job.cpp appears to fail for allowing engineer bots to focus more on building sentry turrets - even at its higher factor level. Plus those bots appears to ignore the Capture Points in AvD or Assault maps, despite using the "Check Path" waypoint added near CPs ranked from 1-5 each.

I cannot guarantee that I will fix those bugs pronto. But if anyone got any advice or useful tips, please let me know. The src code and builds are located below:-


Foxbot has been developed by:

Tom, Aka RedFox
Jordan, Aka FURY
Jeremy, Aka DrEvil
Paul, Aka GoaT_RopeR
Richard, Aka Zybby

Special thanks to:

FoxBot Version History

Version 0.79
Updated by RoboCop

- Renamed Win32 binary 'foxbot.dll' as 'foxbot_mm.dll'

- Both builds recompiled and added some FPU compile flag support for SSE2

- Removed further HLDM and Op4 support

- Fixed the 'check if entity is a dispenser' coding that was mistyped

- Enhanced the dustbowl waypoints for preventing blue bots from going backwards

- Enhanced the shutdown2 waypoints for preventing bots from spawn camping

- Enhanced the cornfield waypoints for using detpack and more teleports

- Increased bot priority tasks for allowing engineers to focus more on building

- Removed ammo waypoints located in Nade Bag locations to reduce bots taking grenades to allow humans to obtain them

- Added some important concjump points for certain stock maps plus for palermo, destroy_l and shutdown2

- Added important FoxBot Map and Class Restriction map configs for TFC for like sniper only maps and hunted

- Added 'foxbot_mm_i686.so' Linux HLDSUpdatetool TFC compatible binary version for legacy support

- Added teleport waypoints for warpath, shutdown2, avanti, schtop, monkey_l, ksour and palermo

- New waypoints for 55, openfire_lowgrens, rats, rats2, rats3, xpress2k4, destroy_l, phantom, rats_cmd and tf2fort
*baconbowl_r, siege, high_flag, mortality_l, ss_nyx_ectfc, alchimy_l2, bases2k3 and hellion (coming soon!)

>> Known issues - botdontmove and bot_team_balance cvars not operational and experimenting with bot_job_think.cpp
for equalising and to balance the bot task priority to act more professional

Version 0.78
Updated by RoboCop

- Added 'bot_team_balance' external integer for bot.cpp

- Fixed the unwanted 'const' for the bot global variables that fail for Win32 build

- Drop the '_i386' suffix build name for Linux binary version

- Both builds compiled for SteamPipe using HLSDK v2.3p4 and Metamod v1.21-p37 source codes

- Fixed the 'snprint' script that was used for the older FoxBot cpp files

- Removed non-required entities for TFC that were used from the HPB Template

- Removed support for HLDM, CS, FLF and Op4 from HPB Template to focus support for TFC

- Fixed code typo error for 'bot_max_inaccuracy' in bot_combat.cpp

- Linux version optimised as i686 build and fixed Linux binary for TFC SteamPipe Servers

- Both builds optimised for SSE2 code generation

- Fixed '[META] WARNING: Plugin didn't set meta_result: foxbot.dll:engClientCommand()'
that appears to be fixed from the newer HLSDK and Metamod kits

- Added a config variable 'botdontmove' to spawn stationary bots for the purpose of minigolf maps

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