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YaPB Yet another POD-Bot flavor by Whistler and Jeefo Counter-Strike

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Re: YaPB2 Updates
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Default Re: YaPB2 Updates - 14-01-2018

Hi jeefo ,thank you very much for the update
i have two issue, please help
-when i test the bots on cs_italy, there are hostages on the two floors,
2 hostages on the first floor, and 2 hostages on the second floor
i place two goal waypoints there ,but yapb bots only pick hostages on one goal waypoint (while they should takes on both waypoints) ,then they lead the hostages to the rescue point,the result is they have to come back again and take the hostages on the other goal waypoint

here is the pwf file of cs_italy,can you please take a look

- i also have another question about bot skill
yb add [skill] [personality] [team] [name] [model]
if i set yb_difficulty "4" but when add bot i use yb add 50 (skill "50") bot will have skill only "50" but hardest difficulty ("yb_difficulty 4")
that bot ability will be choosen from difficulty in ""skill" or "yb_difficulty" ? (i mean it will be harder or easier than bot_difficulty "3" ?)
i want to ask bot_difficulty "3" will have skill at which range ? (for example skill from range "60" to "80" ,or something)
Thanks alot
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File Type: 7z cs_italy.7z (19.7 KB, 48 views)

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Re: YaPB2 Updates
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Default Re: YaPB2 Updates - 13-08-2018

New YAPB v2.8.5318-dev-git339 12/08/2018 August
yapb-2.8.5318-dev-git339-windows Zip


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Re: YaPB2 Updates
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Default Re: YaPB2 Updates - 18-08-2018

Hello. New changes aren't in master branch yet.

It's mostly fixes for lowering CPU usage and hlds stability.

Above that:
Fixed chatter/radio message cycling. (need feedback).
Fixed CTs unable to defuse bomb.
Fixed backward jump path generation in waypoint editor.
Fixed autoradius in waypoint editor.
Fixed autoradius menu non closeable.
Fixed bots version display on entering game.
Fixed memory leak in DLL-loader. (non metamod).
Fixed bots able to see through smoke.
Fixed team-detection on non-standard modes.
Fixed quota & autovacate management.
Fixed bunch of warnings from static analyzers.
Greatly imporoved grenade throwing.
Grealty reduced bot CPU usage.
Will be released as 2.9 next month.

Happily someone still interested in bots here
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