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Cs 1.6 need direct help no link referals
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Default Cs 1.6 need direct help no link referals - 15-08-2005

OK I am Running CS 1.6 on Steam and i need a bot that works and that comes with waypoints. ive tried realbot didn't work Akimbot didn't work Pod bot with metamod no clue what they are and various others.

Question list.

1. WTF is metamod and how does it involve bots and if it does involve bots tell me how to install it and how to get a bot to work on it

2. whenever i dload a bot from here i either get a bot that looks perfect but a non working readme so i cant use it, or its just 1 .dll file that i have no clue how to use.

(statement not a question)3. i have dialup at home and i cant play Cs online so dont tell me to do that, it would take me forever to update HL2 and CS source when i need ot so dont suggest that and plz dont send me a link to another forum because ive done that like 9 times!

SO basically all i need is a nice bit of instruction on how to get a bot with minimal errors and an Ai that doesn't stand in one place and works on Cs 1.6 Steam and waypoints so i dont have to spend hours on dialup searching for them and plz dont flame me or any of that because all i want is to have fun
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Re: Cs 1.6 need direct help no link referals
Pierre-Marie Baty
Roi de France
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Default Re: Cs 1.6 need direct help no link referals - 16-08-2005

Put it simply, metamod is an addition to the HL/CS normal game DLL that enables the game to support third-party plugins easily. In order to know how to install it, check out our wiki.

I recall someone made an all-in-one installer for POD-bot here. You'd better ask directly in the POD-bot forum.

RACC home - Bots-United: beer, babies & bots (especially the latter)
"Learn to think by yourself, else others will do it for you."
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Re: Cs 1.6 need direct help no link referals
Developer of PODBot mm
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Default Re: Cs 1.6 need direct help no link referals - 16-08-2005

That all -in one installer is out-dated - bcayuse of steam update. The mots up-to-day file is fullpack R2B46d (with all cfgs, waypoints docs and binaries). All in one installer has also included botaim2 - to get podbot mm to normal work You need to disable botaim2 in metamod's plugins.ini file (podbot has included botaim, so it can't work correctly with some external botaim program). The manual we prepared for podbot mm is good and updated - I don't understand why do the people say it's not working. Did You try to read it at all?
How to install metamod and podbot read here.
Where and how to get the stuff related to podbot mm read here.
Podbot filebase is here.
Any question more?
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Re: Cs 1.6 need direct help no link referals
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Default Re: Cs 1.6 need direct help no link referals - 17-08-2005


Well guys, I dunno if he wants to try installing PODbot mm since it's harder than other bots. Yapb and E[POD]bot are much easier to install since it's just an easy liblist.gam edit, and then he wouldn't need to bother with metamod. I believe Yapb overwrites the current liblist.gam so it works right after the install, so you could use that.

Later-a-much, and LONG LIVE THE D!,
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