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Re: Bots servers collocated on the internet at 100 mbs
Onno Kreuzinger
aka: memed / Server Admin
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Post Re: Bots servers collocated on the internet at 100 mbs - 16-12-2008

Originally Posted by Krillin View Post

Even if your server was in a Data Center on the backbone to the internet there is NO WAY IN HELL you can run at 100MB. Only on your LAN (Local Area Network) can you truly run a server with a 100MB connection.

Even today on 12/16/2008 the FASTEST Data Center backbone connection is only 75MB. (At least in the USA).


I don't think your providers cap your BW. It's rather the WAN Carriers who limit per single connection (or IP to IP) bandwith to protect their WAN links. This is common accros the atlantic (e.g. 25mbit using 3U) and from continental europe to gb (33 mbit with belgacom), it might be used inside the US too.

Since quite a number of customers are on high BW endpoints now a days (companies as well as large buildings in some cities) you need to limit some basics. It know this from cologne, the local city carrier rolled out a 100Mbit ethernet product in a student neighborhood. The uplinks and many crosslinks in the city where choked for days

Anyways, since I quit my last job I can now recomend those products honestly :-)
Try server4you.net or serverloft.com, they are in St Louis MO on a pretty decent Level3 link. No BW caps and reasonable traffic volume included, the brands are both in the same dc, but they sell different HW+service packages. Those guys are in business for 10 years and the responsible manager at site really keeps his network in shape, I saw him in action

Of course they are not perfect all the time, but they feel responsible for what they do.

Regarding your idea to move servers across the atlantic I suggest you rethink this. Most, if not all, carriers limit BW quite roughly on trans atlatic links. And it adds up another 80 (very rare) to 140 (likely) msec to your latency. Try with the bots united webserver.

Cheers Onno

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