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Control the bots with Adminmod
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Default Control the bots with Adminmod - 19-05-2004

Long ago I was using podbots and stumbled upon an adminmod plugin that controls PODbots+Realbots. Thanks to Wraith, I moded to work for todays standards. the commands are:

admin_addbot <skill#> <team#>;
admin_addbot 100 2 for CT's
admin_addbot 100 1 for T's
admin_killbots kill all bots for this round
admin_removebots remove bots from server
admin_fill1 fill server with Terrorists (random skill)
admin_fill2 fill server with CT's (random skill)
admin_fill5 Fill server Randomly

The old plugin didn't work because it sent the command pb addbot 100 2 to the DS without Quotes. it should of sent pb "addbot 100 2" otherwise it would add a random bot to whatever team. Anyways I attached it here. The plugin_bot.amx is pre-compiled for PODbots. if you want to use it for Realbots you must adjust the Source file(Change one #) and compile it.Heres some binds to throw in your config.cfg or make your own and execute through the console. Requires Adminmod level 1024 Access

bind f9 "admin_addbot 100 2"
bind f10 "admin_addbot 100 1"
bind f11 "admin_killbots"
bind f12 "admin_removebots"

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File Type: zip (POD+Real)Plugin_bot.zip (4.1 KB, 284 views)
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Re: Control the bots with Adminmod
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Default Re: Control the bots with Adminmod - 21-05-2004


Nicely done man, sounds sweet. Yeah, me bud's tryin' to get a DS server for his smalltime clan, and he wants admin mod n' bots, I'll suggest this to him.

Later-a-much, and LONG LIVE THE D!,
(Link>>>MarD's Moddin' Site<<<Link) MarD

Rock Hound. (<Link)
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