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YaPB Yet another POD-Bot flavor by Whistler and Jeefo Counter-Strike

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some yapb bug problem (aiming and direction )
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Default some yapb bug problem (aiming and direction ) - 28-10-2014

hi, thanks jeefo for the latest yapb
there are some problems with yapb, and i hope it will be fixed
there is a bot aiming system bug :
when i keep shooting ( not release fire button) ,the bot seems wait me to release fire ,so i can kill him by this way

when i shot (and pains him before he can action , then keeping my fire,

in most case (about 80-90%) the bot get killed ,especially in not very long distance , i usually not lose or lose only about 20 hp (Even with god_like mode )
almost time i can kill him by this way , maybe because i've played with them for a long time.
When i keep shooting he get pains ,if i release the fire , he shots and pains me immediately

so i think it's better if the bot aiming system become more rich and always auto switch between aiming types

2. yapb bot has "facing problem" like podbot , as i described here

when bots go through the waypoint ,they turn their face to the connection of waypoint instead of direction they will go to ( like they use the forward button , not strafe button)
so when the bot go to "intersection" like this

we know ,when we want to turn left ,we must go strafe or cross and face to the left to see the enemy behind the wall
but the bot not do this
they go to the waypoint 1 (and face like we see in the picture),then go to the next waypoint (the next arrow) then turn left

so when he meets enemy at this corner ,when he face like we see in the pic , he may be shot (i face bots many times like this ,he face his back to me when go through the corner like this pic ,so i easily kill him

another similar pic :

i played with zbot ,and see that zbot knows when they went to the corner and when turn left at this corner,they always face to left (the direction they will go to) ,so they can see the enemy behind the wall ,i think this becauses navigation mesh which runs along the way can tell bots where are the corners

is it possible to have something tell bots to face to the right direction, like a flag that tell him what direction he should face to ?
thank you
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