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The bot is NOT PLAYABLE yet
Pierre-Marie Baty
Roi de France
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Default The bot is NOT PLAYABLE yet - 19-02-2005

For all those who don't know already, especially the newcomers who want to find a good playable bot to download, I thought it was necessary to point this out:

RACC is NOT in a playable state yet

This bot is under development. I am working on it whenever I can, as this is my biggest project, but aside of it I also work from time to time on smaller projects such as game server plugins or other things. This switching is necessary to keep a cold mind when working on it and always let the fresh ideas coming. Moreover, much of the ideas and concepts I put in server plugins end up in the bot (example: BotAim 2).

If you are a player, you can keep yourself updated with the latest progresses by checking around this forum from time to time (especially the development screenies thread)

If you are a developer, you can check around in the filebase or ask me directly for recent source code of the bot. The following things have been achieved so far:
  • Complete engine independency (the same bot can run on different games using different engines, such as HL, Source, Quake 3, Cube, etc.)
  • Completely customizable bot profiles, no bots share the same attributes
  • Precise learning of the map through bot's own experience and player observation
  • Timesliced and parallelized pathfinding machines (one per bot, using the A* algorithm)
  • Visual AI console to help debugging the bot
  • [IN WAYPOINTLESS MODE] Best navigation known so far (the bots navigate by sampling their field of view like humans)
  • [IN WAYPOINTLESS MODE] Very fluent obstacle avoidance
  • Very structured ANSI C source code
The following things remain to be done:
  • Path walking not accurate enough to match a human player yet
  • No tactical movement ability yet
  • No squad / commando AI yet
  • No combat code at all yet
These will be implemented in this very order, as they rely one on the other.

As you can see, you can't use this bot right now, it won't even shoot back. Sorry for the players
Please don't try to push me or ask me continuously how far things are. I go at my own pace. Remember, I also have a job to do to earn me a living.

And P.S. don't trust my website, I hardly ever take the time to update it anyway

RACC home - Bots-United: beer, babies & bots (especially the latter)
"Learn to think by yourself, else others will do it for you."
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Re: The bot is NOT PLAYABLE yet
PodBot MM's Laziest Waypointer
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Default Re: The bot is NOT PLAYABLE yet - 05-06-2006

Well I bought CS Source, and if you like I would love to help beta test the bot. I am not a c++ Programer, but I would like to help in someway

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Re: The bot is NOT PLAYABLE yet
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Default Re: The bot is NOT PLAYABLE yet - 05-06-2006

Well, take a look at this about PMB. And actually there is no Source engine support, since Src engine don't allow to create a functional bot (yet?).
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Re: The bot is NOT PLAYABLE yet
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Default Re: The bot is NOT PLAYABLE yet - 29-05-2008

Looks promising. Would it be possible to add it tu linux hlds cstrike server using metamod?
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