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Default Waypoints - 06-10-2006

Hi fellas,

i wanna create my own waypoints for example on dust2, i want that the bots only walk to a short...how can i set my own waypoints?

best regards
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Re: Waypoints
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Default Re: Waypoints - 06-10-2006



Go into the epb install directory, and into the wptepb folder, and rename or delete the de_dust2.wpt file (reccomend just renaming incase you ever wanna revert)

Here's some bind commands that I use for waypointing:

bind "f4" "epb_pathwaypoint off;epb_waypoint off"
bind "F5" "epb_waypoint add"
bind "f7" "epb_waypoint load"
bind "f8" "epb_waypoint addflag"
bind "f9" "epb_waypoint delete"
bind "f10" "epb_waypoint save"
bind "f12" "epb_pathwaypoint on;epb_waypoint on"
bind "-" "epb_waypoint save nocheck"
bind "p" "epb_waypoint setradius 0"
bind "[" "epb_waypoint setradius 16"
bind "]" "epb_waypoint setradius 32"
bind "\" "epb_waypoint setradius 64"
bind "ins" "epb_wpathmanager_create1"
bind "home" "epb_setwaypoint"
bind "pgup" "epb_wpathmanager_create2"
bind "del" "epb_wpathmanager_remove1"
bind "pgdn" "epb_wpathmanager_remove2"
bind "kp_end" "epb_waypoint on noclip"

I hit F12 to turn on waypointing, and then F5 to add some waypoints (need to place T important and CT important, and goal waypoints for every map or else it won't save properly. Then? F10 is save with check, or if you don't care if there's errors "-" will save them even with errors. If you use those buttons I suggest rebinding them to whatever you please. Anyother questions just ask away man.

Later-a-much, and LONG LIVE THE D!,
(Link>>>MarD's Moddin' Site<<<Link) MarD

Rock Hound. (<Link)
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Re: Waypoints
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Default Re: Waypoints - 28-09-2007


the knife guy
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