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THE LIST TO DO THREAD(coders&mods only)
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Default THE LIST TO DO THREAD(coders&mods only) - 19-04-2004

Do NOT post here if you are not coding or moderating please. This is our list of things to do:

To coders and mods: if something is fixed by you...take it off this list please

+ Improve escaping bots from bomb zone if the bomb is about to blow. [KWo]
+ Fix the side-effect of botaim2 causing the bot doesn't hit the door if the path of the bot changes the direction 90 degrees (bot is still following a bit the "old" direction, then is turning slowly at the door direction, but instead hit it, it hits the wall...) [KWo]
+ Fix the problem with bots using together the ladders (there is some code - to prevent bots-towers - added already by me, but sometimes it fails - it needs to be fixed) [KWo]
+ Rethink the way the bots should go back after changelevel or after auto add bot when the player leaves the server (to have the same bots the users had before the bots get kicked [KWo]
+ Custom logo sprays (Cpl. Shrike has a code for this in ShrikeBot) [SoUlFaThEr]
+ Debuggoal supporting multiple wpts (1: "debuggoal 210 214 367" and it should follow these waypoints in numerical order)(2: They should also be stripped of their paying attention to map goals during the debuggoal period only) [SoUlFaThEr]
+ Organize the code PMB's done a LOT of cleaning up, but now it all needs to be organized so everything's not all over the place. Each bot should sense, think, act each frame in this order and all nicely put together in a structured way to allow easier maintenance of the code. So far from what I figured out the bot is currently sensing, thinking, sensing, thinking, acting which is redundent but the first sensing is for normal stuff and the second sensing is to see if it is stuck to something and the second thinking is to find a way to unstick itself if it is stuck. There is really no line between sensing, thinking, and acting right now, everything is intertwined.[sPlOrYgOn]

SF let me

[EDIT=KWo 19.11.2006]
Updated the list to the current status of jobs necessary to do.
[EDIT=KWo 15.06.2007]
Updated again the list to the current status of jobs necessary to do.

Last edited by KWo; 15-06-2007 at 21:12..
Re: THE LIST TO DO THREAD(coders&mods only)
Developer of PODBot mm
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Default Re: THE LIST TO DO THREAD(coders&mods only) - 30-04-2005

Probably no one noticed the to do list is still alive. Look at the date of last sPlOrYgOn's edition.
Since this topic isn't started by me nor sPlOrYgOn - neither of us want to delete SoUlFaThEr's post/topic and start it again to make clear the date and time stamp creation, but it could be the best solution to bring up Your attention (to change the flag "something new in this topic"). So - because we can't do this - I'm bringing up Your attention this way.
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