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Waypoints stay invisible (JoeBOT)
Black Spider
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Default Waypoints stay invisible (JoeBOT) - 29-10-2004

Hey all,

i have a problem using:
JoeBOT (current version)
CS1.6 Dedicated Server

My problem is that if i give the command to show waypoints:

] rcon joebot waypoint on
waypoints are ON

OK, that's good. But i can't see any waypoints (waypoints ARE loaded, no bots in-game). And when i give the command "waypoint info", the server crashes.

I think it's a little mistake by me, because the waypoint-files are loaded, what makes it impossible to edit, or not?

Thanks a lot!


[BSP] Black Spider
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Re: Waypoints stay invisible (JoeBOT) -> solved!
Black Spider
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Default Re: Waypoints stay invisible (JoeBOT) -> solved! - 30-10-2004

When i run a listen server, only with metamod and joebot, i am able to see waypoint information by giving the command "joebot waypoint on" but i cannot see them, i think i missed something i should know.

Whoops, good start here...
I solved the problem myself, the only thing i should do is do a "joebot waypoint load" :shame:

Last edited by Black Spider; 30-10-2004 at 11:54.. Reason: Problem solved.
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Re: Waypoints stay invisible (JoeBOT)
Council Member, Author of JoeBOT
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Default Re: Waypoints stay invisible (JoeBOT) - 30-10-2004

lol, didnt knew that you can show the waypoints on a dedicated server ... but I looked it up and it seems to be true ...

waypoint info crashes ... well, that's not good, but neither surprising, since that rcon command is just like a command from the console. waypoint info searches the nearest waypoint to the player, and there is no player when issueing a command from the console ... another if statement necessary there

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