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Still default names of bot !
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Default Still default names of bot ! - 17-12-2007

I have problem, my bots have still default name BOT1, BOT2, BOT3...atd. Im trying reinstalling, changing option, everything but nothing was happened . File botnames.txt is OK. Im trying add new bots by

pb add 100 1 1 name

but they have still name BOTn !!!!

Please help me
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Re: Still default names of bot !
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Default Re: Still default names of bot ! - 18-12-2007

Are you refering to the [POD] or [P*D] before the names?

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Re: Still default names of bot !
Developer of PODBot mm
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Default Re: Still default names of bot ! - 18-12-2007

Originally Posted by docs
pb add [skill [personality [team [model [name]]]]]
Adds a Bot with parameters - skill You can write from 1 to 100; if You will write 101 it will mean random skill from minbotskili to maxbotskill specified above.
Personality - 1 to 3 or 5 and these value mean:
  • 1 - Normal [POD]
  • 2 - Aggresive [P*D]
  • 3 - Defensive [P0D]
  • 5 - Random personality from these 3 above
Team 1 is for Terrorists, 2 for Counter Terrorists and 5 to use auto-assign. This setting might be overwritten by forcing bots to join always one team if pb_bot_join_team is equal to "T" or "CT".
Model (class) is 1-4 or 5 (5 means random from 1 to 4).
Name is of course the name for this Bot.
Every command needs to be precedented by "pb" prefix (without quotes).
If You want to use space in the name of Your bot You have to use quotes (for example: pb add 100 2 1 4 "James Bond").
You may not specify some argument without these before (for example - You may not specify bot's name without its skill nor personality nor team nor model - like this:
pb add Roger
this is an invalid call of the function adding bot and then some bot with all random parameters (including also the name) will be added to the game.
You don't need of course specify all parameters - but if You need to specify some of them exactly - all other You have to specify as random. In our example to add some bot with the name Roger You have to write the line:

pb add 101 5 5 5 Roger

and this call of add function is correctly.
If You want to add some bot to the game with skill 100 to T team, the line should be like this:
pb add 100 5 1
In this case the parameters AFTER the latest one You need to specify - aren't important (You don't need write anything more). The model will be selected automatically and the name will be choosen from botnames.txt file.
Some other examples:
pb add -->skill gets based on mix\max, all else random
pb add 50 -->skill is 50 all else random
pb add 100 1 2 1 "Mr Kabby" -->all have been set
You missed some parameter - so the name wasn't considered as a name...
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