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Are you still playine Fritzbot RTCW? Where?
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Question Are you still playine Fritzbot RTCW? Where? - 30-03-2017

I havnt played fb in years RTCW and I didnt know if it was still being played. If so how do I dl it, where is the site number and everything else that it takes to get online w it again.

Thx ops
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Re: Are you still playine Fritzbot RTCW? Where?
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Default Re: Are you still playine Fritzbot RTCW? Where? - 18-04-2017

I still play occasionally but I've had it installed for more than 6 years now - probably got it all from FileFront at the time.
I think you need to look for wolfet.exe, et_patch_2_60.exe and something from http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...category&id=40 (I can't remember).
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Re: Are you still playine Fritzbot RTCW? Where?
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Post Re: Are you still playine Fritzbot RTCW? Where? - 23-04-2017

If he is asking for Fritzbot for RTCW then he does not need the ET files (wolfet.exe, et_patch_2_60.exe ...).
Since I play ET not RTCW I don't have the RTCW files installed. I may have them on an old computer some where but I won't be able to search for them for weeks.
I do have a copy of the wiki page, but the link it has is dead.
Here is what the wiki says;

What You Need First

  • The retail version of Return To Castle Wolfenstein. There are currently three versions available, any of which will work fine with Fritz, and usually cost less than $20 (US) brand new:
    1. The regular retail game (usually only seen in second hand software stores anymore).
    2. The GOTY (Game Of The Year) version.
    3. The Platnium Version (which includes Enemy Territory).

  • The 1.41 multiplayer patch, available from HERE
    • First download the "wolf_update_1_4.exe" file and install that.
    • THEN, download the "wolf_update_1_41.exe" file and install that.

  • The latest Fritz Bot install, available from HERE

Getting Started

Installing Fritzbot

Download the zip file from above and extract it to your \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein directory on your hard drive, it should create a folder called "fritzbot" and there you go.

Installation of Additional Files

When you download custom waypoint files created for Fritzbot or any patch of sorts or just modified files you want to add to you're Fritz install, you place the corresponding files in their proper directories. Below is a list of the most common file extensions that are used with Fritz and what directory they go into. Keep in mind the files mentioned below MUST go into their proper directories in order for them to work. To be more sure, read the documentation that came with the file(s) for any special installation instructions.

.aiscript files go into the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\bots\scripts directory
.arena files go into the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\scripts directory
.bot files go into the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\bots directory
.cfg files go into the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\configs directory
.nav files go into the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\bots\maps directory
.script files go into the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\maps directory
.dll & .pk3 files go into the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\fritzbot\ directory as well as any new fritzbot related folder you don't already have or are planning to replace. BE CAREFUL especially with dll's as they are very sensitive to alterations.

If the specified directory above doesn't exist, create it. That should be about it, I'll add more if needed but that's all that's needed for now.

As best as I can remember there were 3-4 files linked from the Fritzbot page ( see top of this forum), but the " Fritz RTCW" link on that page no longer brings up the RTCW page. There is one waypoints file in the filebase [ http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...category&id=52 ].
Like FritzBot ET the RTCW version is a server mod, BUT UNLIKE THE ET VERSION THERE IS A NEEDED CLIENT SIDE GAMEPLAY CHANGE TOO. As I recall the client side mod was to support the extra sniper rifle. So regular RTCW clients could connect to FritzBot RTCW servers, but the client would not allow the added weapon to appear correctly nor be selected. The client side changes in the ET version are only needed for waypointing and server control.

this looks like one of the files
[ http://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=2486 ] FritzBot 0.54b

Last edited by TomTom; 23-04-2017 at 15:31.. Reason: added link
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