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Default wuzzzuuuup - 14-09-2007

hey-doin fellas, Mal, Denny, crapshot

just goty outa the joint. still love fritzy. ust to beatoff to it during lockdown downunder here in melbourne. u guys got fritz to version 1 yet, LOL,

you guys r tru rtcw die hard fans. uze rok,


c u soon!



Click Here

FJ07 in the mix
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Re: wuzzzuuuup
ET Waypointing team member
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Default Re: wuzzzuuuup - 14-09-2007

Wow long time inside! Good timing though, ET quake wars demo was released this week, and the bindlestiff and myself are just wrapping up an early Christmas present from all the wpgang for those still playing Fritzbot ET (oh sh--t it was supposed to be a surprise).

Lots has changed. Denny and Crapshoot are spending most of their time elsewhere, and Mal is finalizing his plans to breakout of the Stroug stronghold in ET:QW (anytime soon we hope).

Of course it has been all quiet on the RTCW front for a while but maybe tiger will get around to salvo-ing his personal armaments in to the forum (you can only hope).

So if your computer is more than 2 years old and you don't have the gold bars for a new one for ET:QW why not spend a little time in uniform in Fritzbot ET. (maybe Neddie will host a special server night in your honor?)
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Re: wuzzzuuuup
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Default Re: wuzzzuuuup - 18-09-2007


Welcome back!

I extended Fritz to Wolf:Enemy Territory, but it still has all the same Fritz goodness. Sadly, I stopped working on Fritz not long after we last saw you around here because I started working on a bot for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. :-)


Dum Spiro Spero

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