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FritzBot A bot for Return To Castle Wolfenstein - by Maleficus Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Re: FritzBot ET - its here!!!
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Default Re: FritzBot ET - its here!!! - 28-03-2006

Originally Posted by vlvttch
Thanks for the response and the help in getting the maps to show up. Just a question regarding et beach map. For some reason the water is all orange. I was wondering if you had considered using mp_beach which as far as I can tell is an almost perfect 1:1 conversion.

As far as a map I would really like to see anytime soon I would like to see the map "xposed".

I'm probably posting in the wrong spot but I started a small dedicated server to try them on it. How do I limit the maxbots in the .cfg file??

Again great work, I'm looking forward to further updates
et_beach IS mp_beach - if you check the readme, its made by the same guy, et_beach is the later version, he just added a few things and then renamed it. Usually if you see orange in the map, your missing some texture. I don't recall every seeing a texture issue with beach.

"g_maxbots" is the max # of bots/clients you want in the game.
"g_minbots" is the bare minimum you want in the game. The game will add bots to build to this number.

Br1gand: I will finish the ETPro script support, so you'll be able to use ETPro map scripts (so battery and the fuel dump CP should be possible). I will prolly also add hit sounds as an optional feature.

Valiant: Thanks for the compliments. Being as human as possible was very important to me, and I spent a lot of time working on it. And while I could never replace a human with Fritz, I'd sure like to simulate one as much as possible. Thats why I like to call FritzBot the "A.I. with character!" (tm).

Dr. Evil: thanks - and to you and your mod.

Everyone: I'm going to take a few days to crank out a Fritz Wolf patch that I've been promising a bunch of ppl, then I'm going to get to work on Tank support (I've already got a lot of code in place), and GoldRush will be one of the first maps to get supported!


Dum Spiro Spero

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Re: FritzBot ET - its here!!!
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Default Re: FritzBot ET - its here!!! - 28-03-2006

I checked with the courts, and I'm not allowed to ask to have your babies now or at any time in the future. However, I assure you that if anything ever happens to you down the line, I'd gladly take your children and raise them as my own.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is thanks for all your work on this project. The Wolfenstein community owes you one.

I'm an engineer.
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