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Re: Map name in DS console / log?
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Default Re: Map name in DS console / log? - 14-06-2004

Originally Posted by sPlOrYgOn
uhh and what will run that <mapname>.cfg???
most likely a plugin...
which would require C\C++ or small if it's a amx plugin..
<mapname> is the name of the map .bsp: eg de_dust, dod_avalanche, hi_aurora. The server runs that automatically, as the very last action on changing map. Make it the last line in the file, and then, just as the map finishes loading, the mapname will print to console.
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Re: Map name in DS console / log?
>BKA< T Wrecks
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Default Re: Map name in DS console / log? - 16-06-2004

Have mercy with me! I'm just a totally helpless n00b who's never set up a dedicated server...
IN WHICH FILE do I have to add
Keep it simple, guys... I don't know jack shit about DS.

Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF // all my base, are belong to you.

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Re: Map name in DS console / log?
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Default Re: Map name in DS console / log? - 16-06-2004

What did You do with my PM about this topic?
OK , once again.
If You have a shortcut at Your desktop to the game cstrike (for client or listenserver), just copy this shortcut and paste at the desktop and rename it to HLDS, for example. Then open properties (by mouse right-click) of this new shortcut and change the command line, for example this:

[path]\hl.exe -noipx -console 1 -game cstrike

to this:

[path]\hlds.exe -noipx -nomaster -console 1 -game cstrike +maxplayers 16 +sv_lan 1 +map de_dust2

You can change the start map or maxplayers - if You want.
This sv_lan 1 You have to use if You create a LAN DS.
After this You have to prepare Your server.cfg file. Here You have an example:


hostname "T Wrecks CS Ded. Server"
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1
sv_aim 0
sv_lan 1
sv_cheats 0

//important - change the following line!!!
rcon_password "your_password_here"

pb removebots
mp_logmessages 1
mp_logdetails 3
log on


This should be sufficient to start dedicated server. If You have to be an admin from some remote client computer, You have to type this line in the console of this client computer:

rcon_password "the_same_password_like_in_server.cfg_file"

Then You can check if all is OK by typing in client computer's console for example:

rcon changelevel cs_militia

If You want to close remotely You DS , just type in client computer console:

rcon exit

To close the HLDS directly on DS computer type in DS computer console:


I hope this at begining should be sufficient to start Your DS experience. Write here if You have some problems.

Last edited by KWo; 16-06-2004 at 16:25..
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