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JKBotti The new generation of Half-Life bots by ghost of evilspy HLDMOpposing Force

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Posts: 10
Join Date: Feb 2012
Default longjump - 23-02-2012

can_longjump 1
random_jump_frequency 99
random_longjump_frequency 99

where to write????
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Re: longjump
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Join Date: Mar 2005
Default Re: longjump - 24-02-2012

Goes in jk_botti.cfg (or can have different setting for each map if you make jk_botti_mapname.cfg where mapname is the name of map, like crossfire or whatever)

example of my jk_botti.cfg:

pause 4

botweapon reset
bot_skill_setup reset

addbot hgrunt M][G 1
bot_skill_setup 1 turn_skill 2

autowaypoint on

bot_chat_percent 75
bot_taunt_percent 75
bot_whine_percent 75
bot_endgame_percent 100

bot_chat_tag_percent 80
bot_chat_drop_percent 0
bot_chat_swap_percent 0
bot_chat_lower_percent 25

botweapon weapon_crossbow use_percent 45
botweapon weapon_crossbow primary_min_distance 100

botweapon weapon_rpg use_percent 5
botweapon weapon_rpg primary_min_distance 800
botweapon weapon_rpg aim_speed 0.0

botweapon weapon_9mmAR use_percent 25
botweapon weapon_9mmAR aim_speed 0.1
botweapon weapon_9mmAR primary_min_distance 1000

botweapon weapon_shotgun use_percent 25
botweapon weapon_shotgun aim_speed 0.0

botweapon weapon_gauss primary_fire_percent 50
botweapon weapon_gauss primary_skill_level 4
botweapon weapon_gauss secondary_skill_level 4
botweapon weapon_gauss primary_min_distance 1000
botweapon weapon_gauss secondary_min_distance 6000
botweapon weapon_gauss primary_max_distance 7000
botweapon weapon_gauss secondary_max_distance 9000

//Skill 1 settings
bot_skill_setup 1 normal_strafe 100
bot_skill_setup 1 battle_strafe 100
bot_skill_setup 1 can_longjump 1
bot_skill_setup 1 random_jump_frequency 100
bot_skill_setup 1 random_jump_duck_frequency 50
bot_skill_setup 1 random_longjump_frequency 100
bot_skill_setup 1 random_duck_frequency 50
bot_skill_setup 1 weaponchange_rate_min 0
bot_skill_setup 1 weaponchange_rate_max .2
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Re: longjump
Status: Offline
Posts: 10
Join Date: Feb 2012
Default Re: longjump - 24-02-2012

I tried to put your config - run with the crossbow in the main.

I need to bot gauss twisting and longjump. 8 bots, you need.

can you give me the config plz?
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