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Web-based server tools ...or how to watch your server's activity on a web page

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just what the name says-
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Default just what the name says- - 02-01-2004

Server Status Thingy

this has not been steam tested.
it worked with cs1.5

looks like it works with steam.
dod too!


on the way home from work tonight, i realized that i forgot to put a link to the file...




figured you might want to see a working version...



classRcon.php adapted from 'rcon_hl_net.inc' Copyright (C) 2002 Henrik Beige

do whatever you want with this, i dont mind.
if you think its cool, show me.


/FLA/queryHLDS.fla <----if you dont know what a .fla file is, you dont need this folder

/screenshots/cs_alpin.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/cs_assault.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/cs_italy.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/cs_militia.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/cs_office.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/cs_rats2.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_aztec.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_cbble.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_dust.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_dust2.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_inferno.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_prodigy.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_rats.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_rats3.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_train.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/de_vertigo.swf (400x261)
/screenshots/NONE.swf (400x261)




[game server side]
Half Life Dedicated Server - http://counter-strike.net

[web server side]
PHP - http://php.net
the IP address to your game server

[client side]
Macromedia Flash 5 Player - http://macromedia.com
Web Browser

[developer side]
Macromedia Flash 5


[1]locate serverAddress.php inside the scripts folder.
[2]update it with your server address.
(it should look something like this : ) $serverAddress="";
[3]make a directory on your webserver named serverStatus.
[4]copy all files and folders (except the FLA folder) to the serverStatus folder on your webserver.
[5]goto yourdomain.com/serverStatus/index.html <-assuming thats where you created the serverStatus folder.
[6]there is no step 6.

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Re: real time server stats
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Default Re: real time server stats - 21-04-2004

from a chat log:
[11:54:39] *** Now talking in #bots-united
[11:54:39] ************************************************* *********************
[11:54:39] *** Topic: Bots United discussions
[11:54:39] *** Set by: @Nova on Tue Dec 23 09:05:24 2003
[11:54:39] ************************************************* *********************
[11:54:39] [Total: 4] [Ops: 2 (50%)] [Voice: 0 (0%)] [Regular: 2 (50%)]
[11:54:39] [Synched in 0.09 seconds]
[11:56:47] *** Joins: T^m|busy (hmmzz@bunited-38447B4C.adsl.zonnet.nl)
[11:57:02] *** T^m|busy is now known as T^m
[11:57:40] T^m: rob?
[11:57:49] rob: T^m
[11:57:50] rob: ?
[11:58:17] T^m: your the guy of the server status thingy?
[11:58:24] rob: you the last post?
[11:58:25] rob: hehehe
[11:58:29] rob: yep
[11:58:33] T^m: hehe
[11:58:46] T^m: does it update itsef?
[11:58:55] rob: no
[11:59:00] T^m: hmm, ok
[11:59:01] rob: gotta refresh with the browser
[11:59:09] rob: it can be built into the flash super easy tho
[11:59:25] T^m: can you mak it bigger some how?
[12:00:07] rob: bigger like take up more screen?
[12:00:13] T^m: yes
[12:00:28] rob: standby, its been a long time since ive looked at it
[12:00:32] rob: brb
[12:00:33] T^m: ok
[12:01:39] rob: ok you got the source in front of you T^m ?
[12:01:52] T^m: on sec
[12:02:02] rob: find the index.html and open it in notepad
[12:03:02] T^m: ok
[12:03:37] rob: the flash that gets embedded into the page requires two sets of html tags
[12:03:45] rob: one for netscape, one for IE
[12:03:55] rob: <OBJECT> and <EMBED>
[12:04:08] T^m: yes
[12:04:09] rob: width and height get defined in there
[12:04:23] rob: twice
[12:04:40] rob: and it looks like its different
[12:04:41] T^m: ow, yes isee
[12:04:53] rob: does yours have one set at 555 and one at 333?
[12:05:00] rob: if so, i should update the source
[12:05:00] T^m: yup
[12:05:04] rob: my mistake
[12:05:15] rob: memed has opinion on this as well
[12:05:20] rob: i think i get it now
[12:05:23] T^m: is it in pixels?
[12:05:23] rob:
[12:05:32] memed: yes
[12:05:32] rob: yea should be
[12:05:37] T^m: hehe
[12:05:39] T^m: ok
[12:05:47] rob: as far as refresh
[12:05:52] rob: do you have flash?
[12:06:00] T^m: on the server?
[12:06:09] rob: neg
[12:06:21] rob: the design environment
[12:06:26] rob: not the player
[12:06:29] T^m: nope
[12:06:41] memed: @rob he could make a refrsh with html as well (perhaps jscript)
[12:06:48] rob: o thats true
[12:06:52] rob: smart
[12:06:53] T^m: that where the fla file comes in?
[12:07:04] rob: yea the .fla is the entire design
[12:07:16] rob: if you can get in that, you can change lots of things
[12:07:27] T^m: @memed not a great html person here
[12:07:39] rob: doesnt take much html skill
[12:07:43] T^m: ok
[12:07:47] rob: couple lines of pasted code
[12:07:55] T^m: hit me
[12:07:59] rob: might even be able to find it for ya
[12:08:11] rob: gonna take a sec, i suck at html myself
[12:08:14] rob: and java
[12:08:18] T^m: lol
[12:09:57] T^m: he it works, major blowup
[12:10:15] T^m: and we got a guest
[12:10:43] rob: http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/...utofresh.shtml
[12:11:17] rob: thats a decent how to
[12:11:30] T^m: thx
[12:11:35] rob: im sure theres better
[12:14:03] T^m: he it works, that was easy.....
[12:14:20] T^m: what about the fla?
[12:14:40] memed: @tim, you even don't need java script:
[12:14:41] memed: <html><head>
[12:14:43] memed: <meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
[12:14:44] memed: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15; URL=<YOUR PAGE URL>">
[12:14:45] T^m: do i have to edit in flash somwe how?
[12:14:46] memed: <title> ..:: Server Staus Thingy ::..</title>
[12:14:47] memed: </head>
[12:14:49] memed: <body>
[12:14:55] rob: or this too :
[12:14:55] rob: <html>
[12:14:55] rob: <head>
[12:14:56] rob: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://www.net-language.com">
[12:14:56] rob: </head>
[12:14:56] rob: <body>
[12:14:56] rob: </body>
[12:14:56] rob: </html>
[12:15:07] memed: yeah that is what i meant
[12:15:24] rob: You can also replace the "0" in the code with a number so that the web site waits that number of seconds before redirecting the user to the new site.
[12:16:09] rob: @T^m : you know enough html to make that work?
[12:16:22] memed: that is easy
[12:16:32] T^m: dunno
[12:16:54] T^m: i will mess around with it wen i have the time
[12:16:55] rob: ok, go back to the index.html
[12:17:02] T^m: is it complicated?
[12:17:05] rob: nope
[12:17:08] rob: one line of code
[12:17:31] T^m: to edit?
[12:17:37] rob: to add, and edit
[12:17:45] rob: yea, notepad
[12:17:50] memed: add this inbetween the two header tags:
[12:17:51] memed: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15; URL=<YOUR PAGE URL>">
[12:18:20] rob: memed you spoiler
[12:18:25] rob: i live for suspense
[12:18:26] rob: =P
[12:18:29] T^m: lol
[12:18:33] memed: *g*
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Re: real time server stats
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Default Re: real time server stats - 21-04-2004

update available!

*Changes 4/21/04

-added a variable to refresh the page every (??) seconds (default = 30).
inside serverAddress.php you will find:

//set $refresh to 0 if you dont want the page to update every (??) seconds

you can specify any value you wish.

-fixed a mistake in index.html relating to sizing with different browsers.
NOTE: you can always change the size of the serverStatusThingy by playing with the two sets of height and width values in index.html.
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Re: real time server stats
Pierre-Marie Baty
Roi de France
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Default Re: real time server stats - 22-04-2004

I don't know but, seeing what they are doing at United Admins with their PHPUA, wouldn't you want to take the time to learn the minimum of coding needed to make a lil metamod plugin that will feed your PHP stats thingy the player's positions and a lot of such useful info ?

That would boost your PHP status utility at least at the level of the concurrence for sure...

RACC home - Bots-United: beer, babies & bots (especially the latter)
"Learn to think by yourself, else others will do it for you."
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Re: real time server stats
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Default Re: real time server stats - 22-04-2004

its a dead project.

my focus has shifted elsewhere.

it is available because it provides an alternative to gamespy (or another) status page with advertisements.

if people want real time, theres phpUA
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Re: real time server stats
This user broke our rules and has been BANNED
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Default Re: real time server stats - 06-08-2006

So this forum here is about , monitoring server activity on a web page, heh?
now except some gaming freaks , Who would need that?
in my opinion (which I'm free to express) this is nothing but another stupid piece of
When I first saw BU , I almost got scared by the number of forums.....
I believe this is one of those dead forums that are waiting to get buried for GooD

P.S this forum is not only dead but it has started to Rot and Reek a long time ago.....Do me a Favor and give it the Bullet of Mercy!
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