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Please help w/metamod-hpb compileing
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Default Please help w/metamod-hpb compileing - 19-08-2004

Ok so i have the metamod code, the hpb bot code, and the updated source code.

I have read that inorder to compile hpb you need all the others. But what folders are they supost to go in?? I couldent find that info any where. I opened the .dsp with a text editor and tried puting the code in the folders it wanted it to be in. But still errors where files couldent be found.

So then i got mad and changed all the (even for metamod)
and put all the code in one happy little folder, but still files not found...

I think maybe the metamod .dsp file got messed up during decompression, because it looks all messed up. I will show you.
# Microsoft Developer Studio Project File - Name="metamod" - Package Owner=<4> # Microsoft Developer Studio Generated Build File, Format Version 6.00 # ** DO NOT EDIT ** # TARGTYPE "Win32 (x86) Dynamic-Link Library" 0x0102 CFG=metamod - Win32 Debug
!MESSAGE This is not a valid makefile. To build this project using NMAKE, !MESSAGE use the Export Makefile command and run !MESSAGE !MESSAGE NMAKE /f "metamod.mak". !MESSAGE
!MESSAGE You can specify a configuration when running NMAKE !MESSAGE by defining the macro CFG on the command line. For example:
!MESSAGE !MESSAGE NMAKE /f "metamod.mak" CFG="metamod - Win32 Debug"
!MESSAGE !MESSAGE Possible choices for configuration are:
!MESSAGE !MESSAGE "metamod - Win32 Release" (based on "Win32 (x86) Dynamic-Link Library") !MESSAGE "metamod - Win32 Debug" (based on "Win32 (x86) Dynamic-Link Library") !MESSAGE # Begin Project # PROP AllowPerConfigDependencies 0
and it goes on like that, So do you think that is the problem?

Or what are the proper directories for the code to go into.

I miss the days before steam when life was simple...

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Re: Please help w/metamod-hpb compileing
Pierre-Marie Baty
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Default Re: Please help w/metamod-hpb compileing - 20-08-2004

I think that's because the archives were packed in UNIX format (with the end of line characters being 0x0A) and you are uncompressing them into Windows in Windows format (with the end of lines being 0x0D0A). Check to see if your unpacker doesn't have an option to automatically convert text files from UNIX to DOS. I bet your problem is here.

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