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HL Engine Mapping Maps for the Half-Life engine Half-Life

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Re: 32 Player maps are FINALLY here.
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Default Re: 32 Player maps are FINALLY here. - 01-06-2005

Originally Posted by Pierre-Marie Baty
Why so ? Since they are compatible with the original ones (the entity list being sent by the server to all the clients and the rest of the BSP data being identical) what makes you say that ?
Because we are modifying the authors's original map and "possibly" that could be a copyrite issue, I guess, I suppose...

Now that I say that are ALL maps copyrited? I never have seen a copyrite notice and I think you forfit your copyrite, if you distribute your item without a notice...

Even so if we only add in a few more spawn points (that make the maps more playable) that doesn't change the map visually at all, who could be mad?

I don't know.
It is just that I decided to not be the one who distributes them..

Last edited by Austin; 01-06-2005 at 05:49..
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Re: 32 Player maps are FINALLY here.
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Default Re: 32 Player maps are FINALLY here. - 01-06-2005

Just write a note near every link to the map You fixed:
map_name - original_project_author_name
to have it clear who created it and for whom all greatings belongs...
Some maps even have baddly inserted spawn points (too close one to the other) and I had to fix few maps for this. Who can be mad for this? Maybe we can hosts such maps at BU in filebase (but with the note like I wrote at beginning of this post)?

@Austin - do it and if someone will have something against it (he will bother You), just redirect him to me, I'll talk to him.

Last edited by KWo; 01-06-2005 at 08:39..
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Re: 32 Player maps are FINALLY here.
Pierre-Marie Baty
Roi de France
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Default Re: 32 Player maps are FINALLY here. - 01-06-2005

Or else, only distribute the new entity list as a text file. Fire up MapHack, copy'n'paste the entity list into the map, save and... no copyright problem, since it's the user who will do the job.

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Re: 32 Player maps are FINALLY here.
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Default Re: 32 Player maps are FINALLY here. - 02-06-2005

I really doubt that anyone would have a problem with you adding more spawn points. I am pretty much 100% sure that none of the custom mappers would do it. They have no copyright on their maps and earn no money from them. We just want our maps to be more popular. I would be honoured if somebody fixed up my maps

Editing commercial content however might have a slight risk. But again, I highly doubt it. Think of that Valve has allowed us to edit the entire game and make mods as long as you don't earn money on them. Then why should have anything against editing the entity list in a single map?

Sorry to say it, but this seems a little silly to me.

Michael 'Zacker' Schmidt
Level Designer | IO Interactive
Former Game Director | Sands of War
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