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Neeed help with Listen server nightmare install
Rudolf Hess
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Default Neeed help with Listen server nightmare install - 23-12-2007

Hi there Sydlag here i had to re reg up on these forums case i lost my other details.Anyway really want to try your new bot sounds awesome but the install procedure is turning out be a friggin nightmare.Its been years since i messed with any bots,so i may have got it badly wrong as im rusty at this stuff now.If you don't mind me saying the read me that came with the bot wasn't very clear or layed out well didn't help sorry.Also this was the first time install of Metamod and bot and thier are no other plugins im useing


// Valve Game Info file
// gamedll "dlls\hl.dll"
// These are key/value pairs. Certain mods will use different settings.
game "Half-Life"
startmap "c0a0"
trainmap "t0a0"
mpentity "info_player_deathmatch"

gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll"
gamedll_linux "dlls/hl_i386.so"
secure "1"
type "singleplayer_only"

plugins ini:

win32 addons/jk_botti/dlls/jk_botti_mm.dll

config ini:

;gamedll "dlls\hl.dll"

;gamedll "addons/jk_botti/dlls/jk_botti_mm.dll"

Ive tried both metamod-p and v1.19 seems like metamod is ok but if i type meta list i get only these errors so far below,also is thier any chance of helping out as a official beta tester as i tested with Johan Linde(Jowo) for Sturmbot for many years.And i can think of few ideas like support for non Steam?Perhaps kickteam1/2 or even bots vote on next map acording to thier favorite waypoint or even some behavoir stuff like.Bots become scared at the sight of bloood (cautious)bots scared even more at the sight of gibs(extra cautious) or bots are extra brave in reaching certain weapons(guess that would skill based?)Im not even shure if your bots can throw gernades yet but how about skilled bots throw gernade/s more at mutiple targets in one area for more kills?

0 plugins,0 running

please any help thanks

Edit now got it all workin fine toolksome time does anybody here want me to post up plugins ini or liblist i used if that helps?

P.s excellent bot im really enjoying playing with them so far thanks

Last edited by Rudolf Hess; 23-12-2007 at 15:34..
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Re: Neeed help with Listen server nightmare install
ghost of evilspy
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Location: Finland
Default Re: Neeed help with Listen server nightmare install - 25-12-2007

You have metamod loaded so check these but no plugins on 'meta list' ---> check if plugins.ini is in right place (addons/metamod/plugins.ini).

If metamod is unable to load plugin from plugins.ini, it should show 'meta list' as not loaded/unable to load.
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