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YaPB Yet another POD-Bot flavor by Whistler and Jeefo Counter-Strike

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Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot
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Default Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot - 31-05-2012

Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot (SyPB)

This is improvement YaPB core BOT

SyPB optimize the AI, and added a lot of features, so can to support more modes

eg: zp/zh/Dm/attack entity (npc)

You can download SyPB in SyPB Blog:

SyPB will Continuously updated
You can post the opinion in allied modders or sypb blog!

I find this in alliedmodders
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Re: Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot
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Default Re: Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot - 07-06-2012

it's a pity that guy chose to fork the project & keep the modified source code, while most of the stuff is still yapb2 and does not seem to have fundamental changes.
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Re: Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot
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Default Re: Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot - 16-06-2012

What about source code?
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Re: Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot
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Default Re: Strengthen Yet another POD-Bot - 04-08-2012

i test this last version with plugin invisible man invis.amxx

When invisible man mode is turned on all players will be switched to ct and a random player will be picked to go t. The player on t will be invisible and only be able to use a knife. The t's job is to kill all the ct's to stay t and the ct's job is to survive. Whoever kills the invisible t becomes the next t. If the t types kill in console or falls to his death a new random ct is picked to become the next t. Team locking is also on when this mod is on so players can only join the ct team or go spectator.

When I strike a bot with a knife it turns towards blow, but doesn't shoot, as doesn't see me. Add please that it in panic shot towards blow and then in different directions, it will look realistic I consider)) For this mode the priority weapon will be M249 machine gun. Tested on the fy_iceworld map, let selects M249 for this mode.
I think firing towards blow a knife will be not superfluous and at bot dazzle by the grenade though it is not sure that it too most for a bot.

also test with
Snowball War v3.05
If it is possible, don't prompt as to adjust Bot that it didn't use a knife, and threw only granates, besides that threw a snowball directly without using a ricochet from walls. If there are no such options I think it was quite good to add that that like mode Snowball War
I think there not too it is necessary to edit much.
Also on strategy Snowball War, I think a bot should be on distance from the opponent

please make support for this plugins

invisible man
Snowball War v3.05
SnowWars MOD beta

Last edited by ExAnimo; 04-08-2012 at 09:26..
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