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Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself!
Bluesman's Avatar
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Posts: 103
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Delsbo, Sweden
Default Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself! - 16-12-2006

My name is Peter, and I live in Sweden. Was working at a IT-company before, but now study to fiber optic technican.

Most known for my great moderator-skills on the now dead site http://nuclearbox.com

http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://nuclearbox.com , sniff sniff...those where the days...
Back then I also wrote botnews-stuff for the site CSBot, that was hosted at planethalflife.com

I really miss those good old days...

Just hanging around here on this site...most lurking around...don't post much!

Still love coffee...and I also drink beers now and then!

And remember - keep the blues alive!

"The blues are the roots, everything else is the fruits" -Willie Dixon
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Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself!
Current Status: MIA
-=RAV=-AdrianShephard's Avatar
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Posts: 576
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: California USA
Default Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself! - 20-12-2006

Hi, I am Adrian, 22 male. Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. While stranded at Black Mesa, I searched for a CS bot, and I ended up with RealBot over 5 years ago. I registered on the forums, and I have stuck around. My current wherabouts are unknown (bastard G-Man.)

Spamming RB Forums Since August 2001.
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Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself!
Project Leader, Lead Level Designer, Waypointer
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Posts: 337
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Denmark
Default Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself! - 09-02-2007

I am 20 years old today, but my venture into this world started a long time ago. I started out with making waypoints for PODbot and ended up producing more than 50 high quality waypoints.

Later on I shifted to level design and joined Sands of War where I quickly advanced to Lead Level Designer and then Game Director. During my 3 years as game director we managed to release versions for both HL1 and Source.

Today I am working as a Level Designer for IO Interactive, the developers of the Hitman and Freedom Fighter games.

Michael 'Zacker' Schmidt
Level Designer | IO Interactive
Former Game Director | Sands of War
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Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself!
DrEvil's Avatar
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Posts: 142
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Default Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself! - 10-02-2007

27 yrs old. Started out as primary contributor(waypoints & scripts) to Foxbot for TFC, during which I was in school for Game Development. Now working in Los Angeles at Pandemic Studios as an AI Programmer, so life is good.

Followed the United bot concept for quite some time but was frustrated at its apparently lack of progress. When I graduated I started my own new bot from scratch with the intention of supporting multiple engines and mods. 2.5 years later, Omni-bot has evolved into a pretty good framework, supporting ETF, Enemy Territory(etpub, jaymod, noquarter), Quake 4, and HL2-DM(internally), and Fortress Forever.

Bot work still going strong, with a recent big release for ET and a soon to be released update for Quake 4 1.4 patch, which includes a few fixes for bot support from id software. Still waiting on SDK changes from Valve for server plugin bots, which seem to have partially contributed to some inactivity of bots for many people.

Omni-bot AI framework

Foxbot - for Team Fortress Classic

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Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself!
Moderator by day Waypointer by night
biohazerd87's Avatar
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Posts: 1,039
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Missouri
Default Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself! - 12-02-2007

I'm Jake, 19 and I have LRNEDTOSPLL...
I waypointed and beta tested PODBOT
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Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself!
Thirdeye's Avatar
Status: Offline
Posts: 102
Join Date: Apr 2004
Angry Re: Relive the old days, reintroduce yourself! - 26-02-2007

hey guys well its me thirdeye aka matt aka B1663R

well for the past 2 years i got into electronics ( thanks to change in my major in college ) i still map alot my waypoint skillz arent really worth bragging about LONG LIVE SOULFATHER !!!! i have 3 or 4 machines ( always on and off ) that play cs the thing is i have to alternate with 3 different steam accounts ( in good standing because of LAN play only ) im able to fully test my maps with podbot mm full v3 b17 and 2 or 3 other mates fragging it up.... when im not studying electronics or mapping im mainly research into conspiracy related materials aka old world order freemasonry oto tudor dynasty illuminati

i dont really have anything here with chips that can play anything farly new so i mainly play cs 1.6 but just here on my local network or my friends xbox that he left here a few months back which quickly acquired 4 remotes and madden 07

never really understood all the talking about c and c++ which is why i guess i got into electronics but i still have a great respect for all the hard work you software coders and network coding gurus and bot AI coders out their !!!! i still lurk quite a bit on here and a few other forums mostly conspiracy or over clocking or this one
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