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Human behavior (easy and effective)
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Join Date: Oct 2008
Cool Human behavior (easy and effective) - 26-10-2008

You walk in a dark tunnel in a new custom (waypointted) map,
than you heard a sound, you look back and there it is (friendly bot) ,
you start attacking than what he did ;

start turning on flashlight and turning off it like giving singal (or)
crounch where he stays and swich to knife (and maybe)
uses a radio sound and text [Go Go Go]

You check the round time oh no just 25 seconds left and C4 is still waiting you on the ground, than you rush the tunnel and a (friendly bot) waits you
he picks the bomb and he checks the time too, if the time for round end is lesser than (Pb_cvar) seconds than he drops the bomb to you, giving more chance to team.

A (friendly bot) with and AWP sniper rifle crounched and camped behind a box. And you only have Desert Eagle, what a bad chance, you walk near to him, than you press the "E" button (+use) than he stands up and drops the primary weapon to you, ahh yeah thats the team work

There is a box that you cannot jump over it, you need someone as a ladder, a bot is passing near you, you look at him (aim to him), and use the (i need backup) or (need assistance) and he stops, when you press the "E" (+use ) he behaves like a hostage he follows you than you shot the ground than he says (Roger That) and he crounch the place where you shoot at, and you jump over the box and start making a good suprize.

Oh no a lot of flash bang throwed from the tunnel, and you are half blind, a teammate bot is your behind, you say (Take cover) and shoot a camping point's ground with a silencered USP, than bot walks there (+shift) and stay there until an enemy passes with out checking the camping point!
these things are effective tactics and easy to add to PB because waypoints help them a lot to understand the map, I have a dedicated server, and believe me %70 of people didnt understand; they are playing with PB , i set weapon limits to bots they dont buy(use) shotguns etc.
i remake the waypoints, they camp where WCG players camp, i delete unneccesarry waypoints so they look at some camping places but they dont walk inside they just check and pass,
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Re: Human behavior (easy and effective)
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Default Re: Human behavior (easy and effective) - 30-10-2008

no that can't work

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