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A great undertaking?
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Question A great undertaking? - 02-11-2006

My only regret is that I did not know about this site sooner.
I recently got into C++ (I've known the basics but nothing extremely advance),
and have decided that rather than reading a book jumping into a Half life Mod would be much more...educational.
Of Course, to test certain features, I would like to have bots. Also just for basic Skrims.
However, being a huge Unreal Fan(addict would be a better term), I crave the power and calculations of the Unreal Bots, because personally they are the most intelligent Bots I have ever faced.
My question is this:
Would anyone here, ANYONE AT ALL, mind helping me learn how to code a bot, but with the power of the Unreal Bot (along with a few other features that I'd rather not speak of now)?

I realize many of you could help but will most likely not as this is my first post.

I would just like to see a bot with the most intelligent AI, and frankly I'm too damn stupid to code it.

Which is why I'm asking for help.

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Re: A great undertaking?
The Storm
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Default Re: A great undertaking? - 02-11-2006

You can start reading before asking for help. Read the A* pathfinding algoritm, some navigation meshes tutorials and some more AI blocks. If you want really intelligent and human like bot better start to read for Neural Networks. Coding such bot is not easy and probably take years... Anyway all this info can be found very easy, just use google. After that you can start to ask for help if you don't understand something.
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Re: A great undertaking?
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Default Re: A great undertaking? - 03-11-2006

there are also some threads about how to start in this forum already, you might use the search function to find them ....

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