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Save no-check or autosave no-check
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Default Save no-check or autosave no-check - 05-06-2004

In PB2.5 was implemented the function "save without checking". It was made by CF because of many crashes during waypointing and after checking pwf. Yesterday I losed about 2 hours of work during re-waypointing cs_house map because of crash. Now there isn't this function in WP MENU (or maybe I can't see it). OK - you can save your pwf file if is wrong, too, but after checking (read in this way -> after loosing time, because if you want save some pwf after few minutes of work you have to wait for example about 1 minute (if the map is big) to checking for all possible error you made (or previous waypointer). This check should be only at the end of waypointing - after making all - before totally closing wp editor I should check if all I made is for WP system OK. So because of this I didn't want to save every 5 minutes my pwf (because of trust to PB26mm coders) - and because of this I losed about 2h yesterday.:'(
So becasue now my trust to coders of PB2.6mm is a little bit decrased, I suggest to put back this function "save no-check" to WP MENU.
If this is possible - if there is not a lot of work to do with it - maybe is you coders can also add a function "autosave with specified time period" - of course with .bak file saved and possibility to switch off this function for those they don't want this.
This long time I losed was because of this I was looking also for all camp WP - for this need some special function, too (show all numbers of WP camp or teleport to the next WP camp or something like this - need special thread for this? - we asked about this...)

The crash I was experienced after puting one WP near some switch-button for light , after this I placed a "use_button" flag and after this game crashed . Before this I made some thing for "use_button" flags, too. I'll try today if this is possible to reproduce - if yes - I'll report this at correct forum - for sure .
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Re: Save no-check or autosave no-check
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Default Re: Save no-check or autosave no-check - 06-06-2004

or u can do this....save no check...then check if

1)error ask

2)fixed then save

it only requires a 'save nocheck' in the begining of current save code

no need for new command

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Re: Save no-check or autosave no-check
>BKA< T Wrecks
Moderator [PBmm/Waypointing]& PODBot mm waypointer
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Default Re: Save no-check or autosave no-check - 08-06-2004

Well, a kind of "quick save" function could be implemented, I guess. However, it has to be a separate function because otherwise the WP editor wouldn't know when you're saving just for security reasons and when you're saving in order to finish waypointing & check everything.
I haven't updated my waypointing dll for some time anyway, so from a personal point of view I really don't care about this at all.

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