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Best bot for HLDM
noobie waypointer
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Default Best bot for HLDM - 03-06-2008

Hi guys.

Can anyone tell me which bot is best for HLDM in your opinion? I wanna play HLDM but its not playable on the Internet today so I thought I would just play it with bots. Please also tell me where to download it. Thanks
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Re: Best bot for HLDM
The Storm
Council Member / E[POD]bot developer
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Default Re: Best bot for HLDM - 03-06-2008

Simple - JKBotti.
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Re: Best bot for HLDM
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Default Re: Best bot for HLDM - 04-06-2008

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Re: Best bot for HLDM
PodBot MM's Laziest Waypointer
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Default Re: Best bot for HLDM - 04-06-2008

I perfer RCBot for HLDM.

[Web Designer][Waypointer][Gamer]
CFE Games Administrator
[Never Trust the Untrusted]
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Re: Best bot for HLDM
genmac's Avatar
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Default Re: Best bot for HLDM - 03-09-2012

JUMBOT!!! This is the greatest hldm bot ever made IMHO.
If you read the super long readme file of it you'll just
be amaze how much work was put to this bot.
The only bot ...
-that uses turrets really well
-knows how to avoid or plant trip mines.
-can snipe or camp
-can long or gauss jump
-can use lifters with switches
-strafe and hunt like a god damn freaking pro LoL!
-....and so many more features.

It has some minor bugs though.
On hl won 46/v1110 there's no zoom for the crossbow.
On hl steam 48/v1121 you can't use custom player models
and sometimes the rays of the gauss cannon are off for the secondary attack.

Parabot is my second fav best hldm bot. It crashes on hl steam so had to
install my good old hl won. Love the added support on op4, holy wars and
dmc. No waypointers needed hehe just play! pla!! play!!!

Jk_botti is my top 3 fav hldm bot. It's like an improve Parabot for steam and metamod.

RC_bot my 4th best on my list but haven't really use it much so can't comment much but I love
using it's brother, RCbot2 on hl2dm yeah!

HPB_bot 5th best...the legend..without it no parabot, jk_botti, rcbot, podbot, nnbot, sturmbot, and other bots for any popular hl mod.

So there you go my top 5 hldm bots.
Tnx for reading haha! It's bots season again for me.
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Re: Best bot for HLDM
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Default Re: Best bot for HLDM - 19-01-2015

Jumbot is indeed a very nice bot and behaves impressive for AI. But the bug with not being able to use the secondary weapon mode is annoying.

Parabot unfortunately always crashes on my HL v1.1.1.0 presteam version, even with two altered metamod versions (one from here, the other from aghl.ru). The fact that he is learning from human input at first sounded very appealing to me.

JK Botti works like a charm (no bugs noticed) and so far does a very good job. I wonder how he compares to the other AI routines.
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