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Help w/ HL OZ DM Mod & bots
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Default Help w/ HL OZ DM Mod & bots - 04-03-2012

Just recently purchased a server and am running OZ Deathmatch mod

Everything runs smoothly, however there's a problem with the bots. When they spawn, they just stay there, and don't move. You can shoot them, there's blood. They do not die though, just stand there floating at spawn.

There are plenty of OZ DM servers running bots, so I know it's possible, but can't figure out how.

Also if I set, say, 3 bots to join, at least 1 of them will join repeatedly. If the bots name was Bot 1, within a minute or so there will be (1) Bot 1 (2) bot 1 (3) Bot 1- and so on.

Did a little browsing around this forum to find a lot of info, most is really outdated though with links removed, etc. so it didn't really help that much.

Any help would be incredible...any help at all whatsoever actually...as far as getting OZ Deathmatch up and running without issues...bots and everything.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Help w/ HL OZ DM Mod & bots
The Storm
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Default Re: Help w/ HL OZ DM Mod & bots - 10-03-2012

Try out JKBotti.
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Re: Help w/ HL OZ DM Mod & bots
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Default Re: Help w/ HL OZ DM Mod & bots - 05-09-2012

On listenserver tried jk_botti but it can only load 1 or 2 bots or nothing at all.
Weapons won't cycle and they seem to just go back and forth.
Parabot won't work as well.

RHobot takes time for them to learn the map so most of the time the bot just
walks or stay along walls or corners. Well atleast it has some bot support for a mod claimed to be the very first ever hl mod I kinda over looked a decade ago.

Having a blast playing this mod though. My weapons are all souped up LoL!
It's what I always wanted to do for hldm.
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