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Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build
Developer of PODBot mm
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Default Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build - 08-06-2010

The latest release - V3 Build 21

+ FIXED - problem with CT bots not defusing the bomb sometimes (no anyone nearby and they didn't defuse).
+ FIXED - problem with usage of buttons triggering double door (consisting left and right part like on cs_chemical).
+ Changed - aiming for moving targets.
+ Optimized the code for lookup enemies - it should reduce the CPU usage about 30%.
+ Changed - optimized the code for unstuck bots (especially when the bot is stuck with other bots/players).
+ Changed - finding \\\"BestWaypoint\\\" for navigation (if the new WP in path is used by another bot/player, the bot will take another WP connected with the previous and next WP only if the next is visible from the prevoius one - that check was prevoiously missing).
+ Reverted back - the check if the heard/last enemy is far away behind any obstacle (to prevent look the bots at the wall).
+ Added - if the bot follows waypoints while walking according to the path and it has to change the direction more than 60 degrees (if it would continue exactly the same direction - the angle would be 0 degrees) and waypoints radius is smaller than 17 then the bot slows down for 0.5 sec and then it continues normal walking. That should prevent the situation when - i.e. - the bot changes the direction 90 degrees and it hits the wall instead the door.
+ FIXED - problem with bots looking wrong direction at walking (in most cases they should look forward, but it may happen they are also looking at danger position - which isn't forward). That should reduce their looking at the wall.
+ FIXED - problem with not updating the global experience if the overflow of experience data was about to happen.
+ Reverted back some function in sound slimulation (the sample of the sound is now also taken in account for 1.2 sec instead of 1 sec; the new sample is taken into account if the new sample's volume is higher than the old one).
+ Added - "pb help" function (i.e. You can write in the console "pb help add" to see more info about "pb add" command. That function was missing since the time SpLoRyGoN was coding podbot mm; he haven't had time to do it, but he really wanted it.
+ FIXED - the code for cleaning unnecessary connections - it should take care more about any waypoint with JUMP flag, so You shouldn't need to repeat Your jumps to save them again because the code was cleaning some jumps connections, too.
+ Changed - the functionality of pb_latencybot cvar. Now when You set it to 2, it starts to show virtual random ping for bots (it gets random from 30-50 range value).
+ Added new function when the bot is falling down at least half a second, it should press "use" button (to support parachute AMX/AMXX plugins). It works only if sv_parachute cvar exists and it is set to 1.
+ Added - when the first player joins a Ts or CTs team on the server and there are bots only, the round is restarted in 1 second.
+ Removed the check for dead players if the user is with NOCLIP movement flag.
+ FIXED - the problem with radio commands - when the cvar pb_radio is 0, bots should still react on radio messages (they just don't answer by radio).
+ FIXED - the problem with hostages staying above a bot (i.e. on a box), the hostage wasn't "used" by a bot. That should also help with defusing a bomb on a box.
+ FIXED - the problem with fast direction change when the bot is moving and no enemy around (they should rotate now more smoothly).
+ FIXED - the problem with chat messages not filling the string with a name of the player the message is related to.
+ FIXED - the problem with chat messages parsing players names with a space (i.e. if the player had a name "James Bond" in the message string it was only "James").
+ Changed the delay time bots would answer to chat messages (that should prevent bots to overflood the chat area).
+ Changed the chat usage - the bots should chat less often (they shouldn't spam the chat area).
+ FIXED - "shoot at death time" is working now as it should (when the bot kills an enemy, he is still trying to shoot at the same direction for a random period - 0.3sec, 1.0sec).
+ FIXED - the problem with bots neverending trying to break some unbreakable obstacle (after short time that unbreakable obstacle gets ignored by a bot now).
+ FIXED other things concerning to shaking bots.
+ Changed time of displaying the message about PWF creator (12 seconds after the new round is started after the player joined the server.
+ Changed time of displaying the welcome message (15 seconds after the new round is started after the player joined the server.
+ Changed time of displaying the message about PWF creator (15 seconds after the player joined the server and the round is started).
+ FIXED the problem with bots switching the weapon to the knife in the middle of reloading the weapon.
+ FIXED the problem with bots sometimes not hearing the enemy even if he was really close to them.
+ FIXED the problem with bots not trying to seek the cover while reloading the weapon.
+ Changed the selection of task ENEMYHUNT and SEEKCOVER.
+ FIXED bug with pushing away bots on the edge of the roof - they shouldn't fall down now.
+ FIXED bug with pushing away bots in smaller areas.
+ Cleaned the code (exactly some functions are splitted to let the coder easier find a specific code).
+ FIXED bug with bots throwing nades in some random places.
+ FIXED bug with bots looking at the wall for longer time.
+ FIXED the problem with bots not trying to switch to secondary weapon in short distances (if they are using snipers i.e.).
+ FIXED the bug with bots not shooting to enemies farer away than 4096 units.
+ Reduced again bots shaking problem.
+ FIXED the bug with bots not overjumping obstacles while they are stuck.
+ FIXED the bug with bots jumping after spawning.
+ Changed - bots shouldn't camp if they have a shotgun or m241.
+ Added 1 new command (exactly old command with new argument) for waypointers:
pb wp teleport goal - teleports the waypointer to the next waypoint with the flag GOAL.
+ Changed the default value of pb_dangerfactor from 800 to 2000 (it may affect the server performance on an older PC).
+ Changed - bots are buying weapons on an aim_xxx and awp_xxx maps if info_map_parameters allows that.

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Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build
Developer of PODBot mm
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Default Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build - 11-07-2012

The latest release - V3 Build 22

+Added the code to prevent bots looking up or down for no reason.
+Added the new cvar - pb_firsthumanrestart (0 stops the function added in V3B21 - when the first human joins the server and there are some bots already playing there - the round is restarted). Now this function is off by default. You can switch it to on by changing the value from 0 to 1.
+Added code to let the bot reload the weapon at round end (if the bot doesn't see any enemy that time).
+FIXED - the vip bot shouldn't hunt the enemy anymore.
+FIXED max clip for tmp (now is 30 like it should be).
+Added code to prevent bots loose too much ammo while shooting at the wall (they should fire at the wall less now).
+Changed - when the bomb is planted, CTs shouldn't be so much scarried now (so they shouldn't overuse the task seekcover) - thus they are more hurry in defusing the bomb.
+Added more info to the log file about saving (or not) pxp and pvi files.
+Added - bots are buying also the secondary weapon now (especially when they have a sniper or a shield).
+FIXED bots are hunting the teamnate when he was attacking him - now the TA revenge takes only 1.5 sec after TA (the bot gives some damage only instead fire until kill the team attacker).
+FIXED team specific waypoint are now really team specific (before it was fixed for offensive and deffensive goals, now bots should really take care about their team specific waypoints).
+FIXED planting and defusing the bomb problem (bots sometimes were stopping to plant / defuse the bomb when they have seen an enemy, but they didn't switch to better weapon to fire at the enemy).
+FIXED infinitely switching the weapon between the sniper and the pistol.
+FIXED chicken and zombie bots camping (now they will no longer camp - except they need to hide because of low health).
+FIXED invisibility not working for an invisible player using a knife.
+FIXED problem reported by mhanor (bots with the skill lower than 100 shouldn't infinitively get their crosshair to the hell when the enemy is no longer visible). That should help a bit also with bots looking up and shooting into the sky.
+FIXED another bug with bots looking at the sky for no reason.
+FIXED problem with a bot shaking when its enemy is hiding behind an obstacle.
+FIXED problem with bot getting stuck with each other (because of wrong
initialisation of model (thanks to IMMORTAL_BLG).
+FIXED bug with executing task spraying logo while debuggoal index has been set to something different than -1 (bots should get that WP as its goal - spraying logo task wasn't working in that case).
+FIXED problem with breakable - bots sometimes didn't break the breakable
obstacle in its path (the code to unstuck was starting too early in some
cases - before checking if there is a breakable blocking the way of the bot).
+FIXED bug with bots spraying ammo too much at the wall/obstacle (now they do it much less).
+FIXED bug with bots looking at the sky while planting the bomb.
+FIXED bug concerning to bots buying nightgogles if it's unnessesary.
+IMPROVED bots aiming at moving targets.
+FIXED bug with bots not switching to the "normal" weapon while planting the bomb when they can see the enemy (to do - exclude the situation if the best bot's weapon is a knife - i.e. if the clip of primary or secondary weapon is empty - switching to the knife while planting the bomb helps nothing).
+FIXED bug with bots looking sometimes in stupid directions (i.e. at the wall instead at any open surface) while camping after planting the bomb or camping at other WP without a camp flag. Now they should choose a better camping direction in such situations.
+FIXED bug with "meta unload" function (thanks to IMMORTAL_BLG).
+FIXED problem with not working darkness checking by bots on linux servers (thanks to IMMORTAL_BLG). Now - because of the new code - bots are using flashlights (and also nvg) also on linux servers.

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