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Please Clarify Weapon Restrictions
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Default Please Clarify Weapon Restrictions - 19-08-2005

I have a Linux server running Mean and pobbot_mm. I have set weapon restrictions to ban shields with m_banshields. I also restricted shields in amxmodx. Nevertheless, the bots continue to purchase banned weapons. Are these restrictions for humans only?

It could be that I'm missing something like warmode. Can you explain how the warmode works with weapon restrictions. The documentation I've read seem a little ambiguous to me.

I've also read something about banning shield for bots crashing the server. For this reason it may not be possible to ban bots from buying shields.


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Re: Please Clarify Weapon Restrictions
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Default Re: Please Clarify Weapon Restrictions - 19-08-2005

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Re: Please Clarify Weapon Restrictions
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Default Re: Please Clarify Weapon Restrictions - 14-09-2005

The WhatsNew.txt documentation talks about the ban shield command. It does not work well for bots, but should work fine for human players.

The description link provided by KWo is correct, but mEAn tries to get around the problem by removing the weapon entity from the game, so the bots will still try and buy the weapon, but it won't appear in the game. This will mess the bots up a bit, but it does work. The shield however does not work in the same way as the other weapons and as a result it tends to create lots of problems with the bots.

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