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Join Date: Aug 2006
Thumbs up Saberpeak_final - 31-08-2007

What's the coo here with this map?
I've (well I think I have) downloaded all the waypoints for it but everytime I play it the bots just stand around with no goal.

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Saberpeak_final
Nova2001's Avatar
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Default Re: Saberpeak_final - 31-08-2007

My best suggestion is just triple-check that everything is in the right place. If that fails, reinstalling tends to have more effect than it has any right to.

I suggest this thread be deleted, for cleanliness' sake, and the post moved to the original Saberpeak thread at http://forums.bots-united.com/showthread.php?t=6294
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Re: Saberpeak_final
ET Waypointing team member
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Default Re: Saberpeak_final - 02-09-2007

Well I need more information and checks. Such as

Do you have only the waypoints Fritz_saberpeakfinal_wip0.03.pk3 in your \fritzbot subdirectory? (delete any older versions)

type /mapname in the console to verify that your loaded bsp is in fact saberpeak_final.

Try setting /sv_pure 0 and restarting. Do you get the same zombie bots complaining about no goals when the match starts?

Are you using any extra mods like whaleclient? Are you using ET 2.60 or 2.60B and Fritzbot ET 0.70 beta final (October 2006)?

How about doing a /condump of the console and posting it.

And if all else fails you could extract the 3 minimum files into their proper subdirectories (\bots\maps\saberpeak_final.nav, \bots\scripts\saberpeak_final.aiscript and \maps\saberpeak_final.script), remove the packed waypoints, then start ET, Fritzbot ET, open the console set /sv_pure 0 in the console then /devmap saberpeak_final and after the map loads turn the waypoint editor on and do a vid restart. If no waypoint spindles and connections appear, try adding a couple of nodes (/addnode), and save (/node_save) and see if the \bots\maps\saberpeak_final.nav got replaced.
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