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Re: Two problem of a WolfMP map's :)
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Default Re: Two problem of a WolfMP map's :) - 23-09-2009

Welcome MetallicaF
ET can have problems with some larger maps resulting in "Hunk_Alloc failed on 656064...".

Check your /com_hunkmegs in the console ~. If it is 56 set it to 96

/com_hunkmegs 96

then reload the map
(myself I have seta com_hunkmegs "128" in my profile\TomTom\etconfig.cfg so it always gives me enough memory).

As to et_dam I have only found which is an unauthorized conversion of the RTCW map. I'll download it to see what it is like. However I don't have the time to do more waypoints(navigation files) for many weeks or more. I am also reluctant to do unauthorized conversions. (unless very popular or some original work was included). So no promises.
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