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Default Re: darji2 waypoints - 24-04-2008

Yes now I remember CrapShoot mentioning something along that line once. And I do see it now (was looking at the wrong actions). But since I use very few alt-roams with goal -1 I may have only seen it once in my waypoints (trenches05). Oddly I don't see it in my group 0 goal -1 alt-roam in bremen_b1. Anyway it is just a workaround Mal used for alt-roams that are inactive.

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OK here is how I would change it to use steals. Tests are basically OK but lots more tests should be done. The only zombies I saw are those I expect (bots just about to steal pause when the other team steals, so the steal goes to the next bot to come along, and I may have seen one of those bot stopping 1 node from deliver point. These I see in lots of steal deliver maps, they are reasonably rare and throw in enough bots and attack at the delivers and alls well. Did not see any steal - goal tracker bugs).

Readme is included. Second file is Hobbit's tool nav diff output.
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