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Default Re: darji2 waypoints - 23-04-2008

Hi Tom, I am not sure how to do the if statements. I am not sure if fritzbot will accommodate it. Not sure if you did download the map and tried it yet in any case there're 7 flags for each team a total of 14.

Ok now so lets consider a single action

action 1 // Action 1 is the 1st flag the allies going to get from the axis - assume steal operation
	if_obj_home_false 1 // Check if taken
		activateAction 30 // Say axis needs to move forward

	if_obj_home_true 1 OR if_obj_captured 1
		activateAction 11
Where action 11 is the axis capture (but only a possible one)
Actions 1-7 are the ally captures, 11-17 the axis captures. In order to know which is the last action valid for each group you need to check and activate the correct one. That is 7 keywords only for activate (without the conditionals which are needed as you don't want to activate actions that cannot be reached) for a single action. Now add the conditionals and multiply this by 14 (needed for each action) and you most likely run out of keywords.

I have the initial nav file that includes the steal actions and the flag entities. I can include it if you want, let me know. It was an initial phase to check the actions so not all nodes are present.

I like the concept of the fake delivery though I am going to try it. Also let me know if you need the darji2 pk3 file to post a link.

Also where the 69 goal number comes from? Do you know? (alt roams)

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