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darji2 waypoints
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Default darji2 waypoints - 23-04-2008


This is a first attempt for the darji2 map to setup the waypoints. The map is fully functional and tested.

I run into several issues.

1. I tried initially to setup steal operation for the flag entities. After a while into the gameplay the steal actions would appear with incorrect goal numbers and the bots would stop attempts to capture flags. So I had to replace the steal actions with roams to get around it. My question here is there a way to disable the goal tracker (via the .script perhaps?)

2. Using roams it becomes difficult to focus the bots to the flags. When no team steals a flag only a couple of defensive roam actions are active to give a chance to the bots to do capture attempts. I tried to channel these attempts using routes but for some reason I get mixed effects. Check routes 4,5, place near the CP to redirect bots to different areas for the objectives. Seems they don't work. Also the goal number of all the alt roams (although initially setup to -1) is set to 69 by fritzbot right from the start. I do not understand this. Where the 69 is coming from?

Perhaps I missed something obvious I don't know.

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