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Okay, it looks like you're running from HLDS rather than Steam itself? I've been looking into debugging with Steam and it looks like a mess. Looks like it worked at one point ( but GAME_DEBUGGER is no longer in, so that's no good. On the plus side Steam seems to generate minidumps regardless of OS settings but of course gdb can't load minidumps. There's a tool called minidump-2-core that's part of google-breakpad but it's not in any mirror that I can find, so my only option is to clone and build (which I'd like to avoid).
How easy is it to set up HLDS, get it running and generate a crash dump?

Also, I got a similar crash to you with v0.4.1 (couldn't find Bot::GetSkill) which I fixed with - I don't know a whole lot about C++ constructors etc but it seems to work fine on Windows. Possibly a gcc flag?
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