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Default Re: Rail Gun - 05-03-2008

On the point of getting the bots inside.

I am trying out how to get the bots inside the cab on railgun. It is just an academic waypointing problem that interests me. There are 80 splines for the two tugs (i.e. places that the tugs can stop) And it seems just possible to do (maybe). It looks like a herring bone pattern because the script mover location is embedded in the engine wall of the cab. So the trick seems to be to place the center node at that point and adding connections out the cab doors at a slight angle to nodes that run beside the tugs. But 2 problems then crop up. The nodes beside the tug can't be that close or the bot may try to move/repair the tug from there. The second problem is that connecting the central nodes creates a shorter path that the bot may try to use leading to the bots climbing on top of the tug's engine. So I am trying out adding an extra central node in between the others, placed in the tug ceiling with the aim to make the side paths shorter than the central path.

So the key then would seem to be to ensure the center node is always closest to the script mover (and closer than the side nodes) but that the path beside the tug is shorter than the parallel path in the center.

Talk about a finicky placement and it takes 320 nodes! just along the 2 tracks. After some more testing I might do some screencaps and compare them to the bindlestiff's __bridges__ in a wiki article discussing vehicle movement. (BTW there are no defined tags on the tugs so I don't know if the triggers could be changed in Railgun)
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