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Default Re: RealBot source code at Google Code! - 20-07-2008

Java and C# are very similiar, hence when MS started developing C# they even hired some former-Java dudes for that.

C#/Java is similiar to C++ syntax wise, but underneath it is totally different. First, C# and Java are running in a virtual machine. C++ (or plain C) is compiled into a binary where it runs natively on your machine. THis means in order to get your program running on a different OS, you need to compile it.

Would be nice if RB could be written in Java , so we don't need to compile specifically for Linux... (i dont use it, so i can't compile it for linux).

Also, Java uses its own memory management. So it is hard to have memory leaks (but it is possible) and you are almost assured all your objects are cleaned when not used.

Basically, if you can do C you can do Java. But the ohter way around is a bit more complicated.

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