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Podbots stuck and passiveness issues on jasonmode
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Default Podbots stuck and passiveness issues on jasonmode - 05-04-2013

I'm running a server with jasonmode and there are few annoying problems.
The first one: in some places, like in corners or near walls, bots are getting stuck. They try to move out of the place but most of the time they fail. Example video:
And this is the waypoint area:
Also I noticed that bots sometimes just stand still, they don't move untill you shoot at them, though they have waypoints in reach...

Second issue: podbots are very passive on jasonmode, they rarely try to attack and when they do they fail at it. Sometimes they don't even attack when they are alone versus lots of enemies. Also they lock on targets that don't make sense and don't attack targets that are closer to them or behind them.
Example video:

Third issue is a mix of the first and second: When a bot is being heavily attacked, for example 1 vs 5, sometimes it just stucks near a wall or in a corner and is not able to get out of it - just keeps running back and forward and jumping from time to time...

I am running the latest beta V3B22b. But these problems are very old.
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