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Re: Returning Player need some help
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Post Re: Returning Player need some help - 02-02-2010

Well you can create a campaign file
    name            "Adder std maps"
    shortname        "adder_std" 
    description    "Just the standard ET maps please."
    maps        "oasis;goldrush;battery;radar;fueldump;railgun;" 
    mapTC            300 300
    type            "wolfmp"
say save it to \fritzbot\scripts\adder_std.campaign
if you use \sv_pure 0 it can then be used as is
/campaign adder_std

or if you want to use \sv_pure 1
then you need to pack up the campaign file in a pk3 file while keeping the \scripts path inside.
  1. Create a zip file in \fritzbot say Using winrar create the scripts folder inside the file.
  2. Then drag and drop the adder_std.campaign file into the scripts folder inside
  3. Verify the campaign file is in the right place in the zip file. Exit winrar. rename to camps_adder.pk3.
  4. Start FritzBot ET and "Adder std maps" should appear in the list of available campaigns.

You can also move the camps_adder.pk3 to \etmain if you want to use it in other flavors of ET.

Note: you need the latest waypoint pack Fritz3_1.00.pk3 for the railgun waypoints by 420Blunt.
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