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Default Re: Metamod help. - 21-08-2005

This isn't the best place to ask something because Akz doesn't read this forum anymore.

But I'll try to help you.

1) Create 'addons' folder in pvk folder.

2) Create 'metamod' folder in addons folder.

3) Create 'dlls' folder in metamod folder and put the metamod.dll there. I don't know if you have the right metamod because PVK needs a specific one.

4) Create 'plugins.ini' in metamod folder and write there 'win32 grogbot\grogbot_mm.dll'.

I'm not an expert with this but I just told you what I had done. If you don't get it to work then it would be wise to ask help from other forums than GrogBot.

owned! 8D
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