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Default Re: darji2 waypoints - 28-04-2008

Hi Tom, for the botsight I forgot to change it really, left from the mlb_temple map. However I am not sure how this would affect the bots if the distance is about 2500. Which place you got the problem in? Also do you have the aim setting to high? I have the defaults here. Once the bots get some xp they become quite formidable. The last version I set the gameplay to a couple of hours and I am sure won't be enough for a team to score 7 flags. (using 32 bots)

I've played it quite a bit with the last waypoints and bots seem ok. A human can always use all kinds of tricks but the map should still be good to play.

For the mg42 sudden kill, probably was something else. I might tried to grab it from a wrong angle and got squeezed in-between the boxes.

For the fake delivery it's already there. I did play with it a bit but I did not like the outcome. Actions 96,97 are for this purpose. I did setup some timing too for the fake delivery actions to expire. With lots of players I suppose it shouldn't matter. But with very few players like 4-6 per team it may not be good.

If you get a chance check the last update.

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